Detroit: Become Human

Just finished first playthrough, question about replaying missions

DetroitBecomeHuman3 - Just finished first playthrough, question about replaying missions

I sorta fucked up my first ending last night, but damn if it didn't hit me. My Connor went deviant, but I didn't learn enough about Hank, we were friends so I saved him at Cyberlife. I didn't know/remember the name of his son and stupidly guessed, so he shot me and Connor 2 (well, 3) left. So I missed out on Connor's final mission and poor Hank will probably end up getting drunk and killing himself or something.

Kara, Luther and Alice did end up in the camp (I was sorta stoned and must have screwed up a stealth prompt), which was fucking horrifying, but I got the 3 of them out with help from the Jerrys and Scarred Android.

I was a basically peaceful Markus who romanced North (hence 'basically' -_-) but killed one human at the broadcast and accidentally turned my peaceful message violent when she handed me the firebomb at the gazebo (didn't kill anyone though, but the media spun my sparing of the cops and the whole thing in general so Public Opinion was teetering into negative now). I refuse the FBI offer, and when they stormed the barricade I kissed North, which made the SWAT pause and Public Opinion go back up (the reporters all went 'Awww' anyway) but then they seem to get an order and gunned us down. That news image liberated Androids though, and my game ended with Kara, Luther and Alice waking up in the landfill they were hiding in after the camp, now free because of Markus and Jericho's sacrifice.


It was really bittersweet, very dark in a lot of places and at the end, but totally amazing. Like old Black Mirror, the entire thing and the screw ups on the last mission was just this visceral feeling…I tried to do a 'perfect, everyone lives' run too, but didn't want to look up any answers the first time through, and I'm glad I didn't…Kara and Alice (and Luther, if possible) getting away was probably my biggest goal, and getting caught at the end but escaping and all the other characters ending up sacrificed for freedom really hit me hard…what a game.

So my question is, how do choices affect replaying levels? Do I just have the prior choices from my last game? If I went back to the Cyberlife store liberation/demonstration (or broadcast) levels and went totally peaceful, can I continue on from there with those new choices? I know I should probably just replay the whole thing to do some of the things I missed (those flowcharts are crazy, it's insane how many paths you can take), but I was also curious how it works if I just want to see different main endings (and definitely fix my Connor screw up)…

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