Detroit: Become Human

Just Finished My First Playthrough. Here is My Story.

DetroitBecomeHuman5 - Just Finished My First Playthrough. Here is My Story.

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When I play this game, I set a goal/principle for each characters.


I want Connor to be as machine as possible, so I didn't even try to improve my relation with Hank, when I first met him, i spilled his drink, even I always threatening him multiple times with "I'll tell my superior" so he would sound like a machine. I also left Hank on the ledge when I was chasing the bird deviant. At the the bridge after I shot the traci's lover, I told Hank that they're just machine and I was not afraid and there's nothing after death if he shot me, so he shot me. I didn't even hesitate when Kamski told me to shoot Chloe and when I shot Markus during his speech. I wished that there would be a Mission Accomplished text after I shot him, it would be a cool ending.

Because I tried to make Connor as a ruthless machine and He had a bad start with Hank, I don't see why he should be friend with him, his relationship with Hank is always hostile. Sometimes I even think I made a wrong choice when Connor do/say something like a human, like when he pet Sumo or when he said goodbye and remind Hank of Cole before he committed suicide, like it's out of character, why would you say goodbye to him? you don't even care about him because you're a machine.

I see that many people want Connor to be a deviant, but why I want him to be a deviant hunter machine because I think it would make the story more interesting, like there are two side of the coin in both the humans and androids side. And I think it's a more interesting story because He would add more threat for the other characters, not just from humans, but also from an android.


Kara's priority is to save Alice and always be there for her. What I always told Alice is that Kara would never leave her and the most important thing is they'll always be together. That's why when Luther was shot in Jericho I have to leave him because I can't risk get Alice killed or get Kara killed and leaving Alice alone. I also left Jerry get shot in the street for the same reason. Fortunately when I have to choose which border I should go to, I could choose the safer/detour (11 minuted) one because I still have 12 minutes left. I also took the family ticket because even if Alice doesn't like it, like when I stole the clothes or when we slept at the car, it's for her own safety. In the end, I didn't sacrifice myself because I promised that I would never leave her so I was just hoping a miracle happen, like the officer forget to scan me or the scanner malfunctioned. Fortunately I have the peaceful android demonstration and he let me pass.


There's an interesting scene, when Markus asked me why would I protect a human, I told him that "I don't care if she's an android or human, I love her", so a few minutes later when it's revealed that Alice is an android, it's like a test for her to commit to what she said, that no matter what, she still love her. And of course she chose to hug her.


When Markus first arrive at the Jericho, I feel that it's weird and out of character for him to act like a Messiah or freedom activist, because I thought that he only want to be safe after being killed. Before he was killed, Markus painted a hope in humanity, and he endured Leo punches because he respected Carl's order. So I just get along with it and assumed that he's angry after what happened to him. So during the spare parts and blue blood heist, I attacked/stabbed the guard, then I took John in. At the scene in the end of the chapter he was looking at his bloody hand, I see that as he regret that he killed a person.

Because Markus saw hope in humanity, he tried the peace way and be a pacifist. I didn't shoot the guards at the tower and I spread a peaceful message during the broadcast. I left Simon alive at the tower, but Connor probe the Deviant before went to the roof so Simon came back. During the march, He tried to sacrifice himself because I thought it's necessary so the public will side with the androids. Fortunately John was there and Markus is still alive.

During the Jericho attack, I left everyone getting shot by Perkins' squad because I can't risk getting myself killed at that point. But I messed up because I was hiding when Josh was attacked. I didn't know it was him. For the same reason I didn't save North, I can't risk getting myself killed. So the only companion left is Simon and I chose the peaceful demonstration path.

In the end the only available options are sacrifice or sing, because I didn't take the bomb trigger. I didn't take it because I think if the governor caught me with that think, they would think that I'm going to attack them and it would be a bad image for the public. So in the end I choose the sing option because I don't think sacrificing myself at that point would matter. Then in the end Markus gave his speech before got shot by Connor.

What I like about my story is everyone achieve their goals.

  • Kara get a better life with Alice
  • Markus free the androids and give them freedom from being slaves
  • Connor accomplishes his mission

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