Detroit: Become Human

Just finished the game yesterday

DetroitBecomeHuman1 - Just finished the game yesterday

I was bored and browsing games on the PS4 store and found this gem yesterday morning. It was on sale so I went and bought it. I did not expect to enjoy it as much as I did. This game was beautiful. Ended up playing all day yesterday until late in the night until I beat it.

I can’t wait to go back and replay it to see the different outcomes. I got extremely lucky and got what I consider probably the best outcome.

Connor – I started off as machine Connor who slowly became more deviant through his relationship with Hank. I decided to save Hank instead of chasing the deviant. I decided not to kill the Eden robots and spare them. I initially planned to kill them until I saw them run away holding each other’s hands. I’m really happy I didn’t kill them. I decided to shoot the deviant at the broadcast tower, saving everyone’s lives. I didn’t shoot the Chloe though. When the option came to switch sides I gladly did. Fast forward to the cyber tower battle, I saved Hank and convinced him I was the real one. So both Connor and Hank lived at the end. I ended up not letting Amanda control Connor either. 🙂


Markus – Markus storyline it took me awhile to get into. I ended up not pushing Leo and regretted it since it lead to Carl’s death. Not sure if he would have lived if I pushed Leo or not but I really wanted to go back and push the little shit after he blamed his fathers death on me. When I made it to Jericho I was initially ruthless. I killed the guard at the warehouse, left John behind, and killed one of the guards at the broadcast and the employee. I left Simon instead of killing him. After that, I saw the public opinion go down quite a bit and decided to change my play style with Markus. My head cannon is that he realized how his actions were affecting the public and hurting his cause. He switched to a full pacifist. He did not destroy anything while awakening the androids in the shop. I did not kill the two soldiers out of revenge. During the peace march, I decided to stand my ground and sacrifice myself – to be saved by Simon. I blew up Jericho and kissed North at the end during the battle for Detroit. My public opinion was high so we were spared. So everyone but Simon lived.

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Kara – She ended up being my favorite character. Gladly killed Todd. Stayed with Ralph. Escaped from Connor. Zlatko was killed by his machines and Luther joined me. Once at Jericho I saved Luther during the attack. Played dead. Found Luther again during the battle for Detroit. Saved him along with Jerry. Stole the bus tickets. And convinced border control to let us through without sacrificing anyone. Kara, Alice, jerry and Luther all lived.

I’m surprised I got this ending on my first try but extremely happy as I became attached to all the characters stories at the end – except North and hated being her lover but went with it to show humanity that they’re people as well.

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