Detroit: Become Human

List of previous discussion threads and poll results

DetroitBecomeHuman9 - List of previous discussion threads and poll results

This is a list of the previous discussion threads and poll results. Due to its length, it's no longer included in the main discussion threads (only linked in the "Additional Links" section).


> Discussion Thread 1: Who is rA9?

> Discussion Thread 2: DLC Speculation

> Discussion Thread 3: Strongest and Weakest Chapters

> Discussion Thread 4: Toughest Choices and Why

> Discussion Thread 5: Missed Opportunities

> Discussion Thread 6: Android Perspective

> Discussion Thread 7: Shameless Shipping

> Discussion Thread 8: Small Appreciations

> Discussion Thread 9: Favorite Performances

> Discussion Thread 10: Favorite Locations

> Discussion Thread 11: Future Inventions

> Discussion Thread 12: Androids in Different Countries

> Discussion Thread 13: Mistakes Happen

> Discussion Thread 14: Mistakes Happen (Player Edition)

> Discussion Thread 15: Unsung Heroes

> Discussion Thread 16: The Outcome of an Android Uprising

> Discussion Thread 17: Alice's Role in the Story

> Discussion Thread 18: The Difference between Humans and Machines



> Poll Results 1: Your Favorite Characters

> Poll Results 2: Merchandise

> Poll Results 3: Favorite Chapters

> Poll Results 4, 5, 6: Favorite Songs

> Poll Results 7: Favorite Ships

> Poll Results 8: Favorite Outfits

> Poll Results 9: Which Android(s) to Purchase

> Poll Results 10: Favorite Locations

> Poll Results 11: Future Inventions

> Poll Results 12: Where Are You From?

> Poll Results 13: Favorite Trophies (Kara/Markus)

> Poll Results 14: Favorite Trophies (Connor/general)

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