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My dad plays DBH part 3

DetroitBecomeHuman6 - My dad plays DBH part 3

Hey fellow Deviants!

Dad was super excited to play again and even more excited for me to tell you guys about it!

. The Conner/Kara chase scene really stressed him out! He went between “Oh no my girls!” To “Oh no! My boy!” He made sure Kara and Alice got across safe then she decided not to chase them. “I can’t do that to my girls, no matter how much I love Conner”

. He didn’t really like the part where Markus finds Jericho. “What kinda hide n seek mission is this!?” Though he was intrigued by the other Androids he met.

. Conner and Hank always makes him squeal like a girl…he finds them adorable. He really enjoyed the dialogue at the burger place. “I like how Hank is a shady bastard and doesn’t give a shit!” He even got the famous Conner wink. He laughed a lot at this part. “See these guys…I want a whole game just these two.”

. He was glad to learn more about Jericho and fell in love with “North Pretty Face”. He has already called that Markus would lead them and dubbed him “Jesus 2.0”. He was freaked out by Lucy and nearly chucked the remote clear across the room. “Da fu*k happened to HER?!” He didn’t want to explore much because he was scared haha

.He didn’t trust Zlatko from the beginning. “This house is strait outta a horror movie. No thank ya”. He liked Luther, saying he would be glad to have such a “massive dude on the team. This dude would give Shaq a run for his money.” He was super freaked out by the basement and screamed like a baby when Kara was regaining her memory. He managed somehow to find Alice and since he freed the other Androids they killed Zlatko and Luther joined the team. He took a moment after that scene. “This game is gonna put me in the hospital. Why do I care about these characters so damn much!?”

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. The last scene we played was the Mind Palace with Amanda. He wasn’t too nice to her. “Stiiiiillll don’t trust the biiiiiitch” he sang haha.

He wants me to tell you all that he appreciates everyone being as enthusiastic as he is!

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