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My First Time

DetroitBecomeHuman4 - My First Time

The first time I beat Detroit, I was disappointed in myself. My play through went from okay to bad.

Kara definitely got the best ending. Even though she got sent to the camp, she successfully escaped with Alice and Luther. They never made it to Canada, but honestly they would not have gotten through to Canada anyway since the public opinion of androids was so low. So all is well with them.

Connor became a deviant and successfully invaded the Cyberlife towers. However, he had an awful relationship with Hank. I screwed up when I chased after Rupert instead of saving Hank on the roof. I also screwed up when I shot the girl at the Eden Club. I screwed up a lot with Hank. He killed himself. I'm still not over it.


Markus definitely got the worst ending. I knew a violent revolution was the worst decision, yet the public opinion was so low I knew a peaceful demonstration would fail immediately. So I chose the violent revolution, screwed up every possible QTE imaginable. All of his friends died, including Simon, North, and Josh. Markus was severely injured and cornered, so I had him use the dirty bomb. So, the android revolution was successful and all the main characters survived, yet all of the supporting characters died and the humans hate me.

TL;DR I should never lead a revolution.

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