Detroit: Become Human

My (I think?) Kind of Unique First Playthrough (VERY Detailed)

DetroitBecomeHuman1 - My (I think?) Kind of Unique First Playthrough (VERY Detailed)

Not too many "first playthrough" posts lately, and I just finished the game about a week or two ago, and I know I've enjoyed reading about everyone else's choices and outcomes. So here's mine, with some of my logic behind the choices I made. This'll be a long post, but here goes:

First off, I went into this totally blind. I didn't even know there were three playable characters, and I barely knew anything about the game. All I knew was that this was a game about androids in Detroit and my choices have huge repercussions. So, similar to Until Dawn, I kept myself totally in the dark.

Also, I decided to play the game as if I was each character I was playing. Meaning, I wanted to do everything I could to assist the character I was controlling at the time at doing whatever their mission was. Not necessarily playing how I think they would, but just doing what I think would be in their best interest.

BOLD choices indicate a path that was chosen 10% or less times.

The Hostage

  • Wasted too much time (I like to explore, oops). Also didn't even investiage one scene, so I didn't have a chance to pick up the gun.

  • Save wounded cop

  • Got him to trust me easily enough, snipers shot deviant.

Shades of Color

– Hot dog vendor pushed Markus (3%) (stared at him a bunch haha)

(When Markus hopped on the bus and stood in the back, for some reason, I was halfway thinking "this dude's gonna lead a revolution or something". Well..

A New Home

  • Disturbed (stepped in front of) Todd watching TV, not realizing it would trigger anything. This was the moment where I realized "oh shit, I better watch myself".

  • Only cleaned the trash downstairs, not knowing it'd lock me out from going back whenever I got done upstairs

  • Don't know what caused it, but most people I saw play this had Alice run away with the key, then turn back and give it to Kara. For me, Alice handed it to me as she was running away. Heh.

The Painter

  • Served breakfast before even going upstairs, being so confused why I was moving stuff onto the table

  • Lost playing chess (5%)


  • Found deviant (so obvious he was still in the house from the beginning)

Stormy Night

  • Waited and wanted Todd to calm down, thinking he would. But one he started yelling about how Alice was really gonna get it this time, I decided to break the programming when I thought he wasn't paying as much attention

  • Immediately ran upstairs and took the gun I had previously found, but remembering that there was a window we could escape from in Alice's room

  • Kara shot Todd.

  • When I was fighting Todd near the window, I missed a prompt (the only one) and he hit me, which made me overthink and think if I had just not missed that prompt, I could have escaped out the window somehow


  • Obeyed Carl, Carl dies, Leo accuses Markus

The Interrogation

  • Android confesses


  • I did a whole post on this after finishing the chapter, wondering what others did here, because I was so interested. Basically, I shot Todd and knew we needed to lay as low as possible. And we needed to find a place fast. Therefore, I knew I wasn't even gonna try the motel, especially since I needed cash. I also knew I didn't want to try the building, because I was worried about others already living/squatting there. That, mixed with Detroit's huge unemployment rate and disdain towards androids, totally pushed me away. So I figured, the safest sport would be the car the parking lot. Didn't check out the store, laundromat, anywhere else. Just beelined to the car. Also picked up the wirecutters there, and could have cut the fence to get to the abandoned house, but figured it would be more of a danger to us to even cut it, rather than be beneficial.

Waiting for Hank…

  • Carlos' android self-destructs (was not happy with that)

On the Run

  • Colored Kara's hair black (5%) because I figured it attracted the least amount of attention, looked natural, and was different from here natural color

  • Police don't have a lead

  • Snuck past police forces and reached the train safely

The Nest

  • Followed Rupert instead of saving Hank, Rupert committed suicide


  • Alright, let me say that right as soon as I stepped inside the house I was saying how this is sketchy and I don't trust him. When we were talking and he mentioned how he wants to remove my tracker so they don't find us, I called total bullshit. I knew if they could find me, they would have when I was trying to escape to the train with Alice. But they had no idea where I was. After that, he said another couple things that made me say "NOOOPE", "DOUBLE NOOOOPE". Especially saying how we need to go to the basement for this. Alice remarked on how it scares her, I agreed and tried to turn back and leave but they wouldn't let me. Then I saw the well near the machine and how Luther was following us the whole time making sure we continue and was like "Yep, super fucked here".

  • Escaped before being reset (had plenty of time, actually. First four people I watched play this part all got reset, wtf)

  • Read AX400 On the Run (8%)

  • Saw the shotgun and SO wanted to pick it up. Even if there were no shells, it would be great for intimidation purposes. Was not happy Kara didn't pick it up

  • Hid under bed (4%) and was so pissed when I (AGAIN) couldn't at least pick up the shotgun directly next to the bed. And died a bit when I saw Zlatko pick it up directly next to me

  • Went through bathroom, killed the android, then got spotted in the storage room. Evidently I chose the wrong path in the storage room, because everything was fine til I got to the cage part. Waited until I was clear, did whatever I needed to do to the cage to advance, but got spotted. I was (and still am) so confused about it. I even went back to not fuck the cage part up, and I can't seem to find a way. I guess you need to just not take that path in the storage room.

Spare Parts

  • Grabbed android and hide, hold position, John becomes deviant

  • John mentions key to truck full of blue blood, I refused (7%). I didn't think we needed to take the risk. We got even more than what we came for, and I believed it was too risky.

The Eden Club

  • Androids memories are reset, mission failed (10%). I had terrible luck here, it seems. Found the first one easy enough, but after that it's like I just couldn't find the correct ones. I figured the right one would be one who are in the chambers, I guessed wrong. I got until the last one (the room inside the blue room), but as soon as I stepped out time ran out. Oops.

The Pirate's Cove

  • Literally right before the car broke down, I joked (joked!) about the car probably breaking down before we get near. sigh

  • Saw an android worker near this building, but stayed away. Didn't even wanna take a chance.

  • Shadows attack, I grabbed the stick from fire (1%). I figure protecting Alice (from what??) isn't going to do much of anything, and there's no way I'm gonna take all of them with the gun. I figured nothing in this world isn't afraid of fire, so I took the stick.

  • Was very skeptical of the Jerrys even after Alice was on the carousel. Just didn't like the situation fir some reason.


The Stratford Tower

  • I chose "ruse" with the guards, but I really didn't want to pull out my gun. I was thinking the ruse would involve talking, not guns. So North came in and beat their asses instead

  • Didn't shoot operator

  • Began and ended speech determinedly (I wanted to be peaceful, yet confident and determined).

  • Left Simon after he got damaged (8%). Didn't think it was worth the risk to save him, especially when he'd be unable to escape with us

  • Simon is killed (10%)

Public Enemy

  • Met cop from hostage situation

  • Analyze destroyed android (Simon) (9%)

  • Kinda freaked out when got stabbed by the deviant, couldn't figure out what to do. Turns out I wasn't looking enough, just needed to get the knife outta my hand

  • Chased deviant, drew the gun, shot the deviant, massace prevented

  • Shoot deviant -> Rescue cop (6%)

Midnight train

  • Much less skeptical of Rose and Adam. Seemed pretty clear they genuinely wanted the best for us, even Adam.

  • Hid all evidence and told Alice and Luther to go upstairs, but there was one piece of evidence I still needed to hide somehow. I had no idea what it was, especially since I had previously looked and explored allll around. So I said screw it and opened the door early for the cop. Turns out it was the tablet with an android article on it. I thought this was ridiculoud how it counted that as evidence I needed to hide. Adam behaved well, policeman left.

Capitol Park

  • Spared cops

  • Markus lead a peaceful protest

Meet Kamski

  • Shoot Chloe

  • Ask about RA9, Kamski is cryptic (shit), Hank was dissapointed with Connor's decision

Freedom March

  • North Leaves (from the rooftop when with Markus) (10%).

  • Policeman blocks march, ignored (please, what is he gonna do?)

  • Police block the march, stood my ground, police open fire, Markus sacrifices himself. I figure if that's the way Markus goes, that's the way he goes. If they're gonna open fire on us all, they'll lose all moral highground they may have previously had.

  • Police keep firing, (John joined in 'Spare Parts') John sacrifices himself, John gave his life to save Markus (was not expecting that)

Last Chance, Connor

  • Hank won't help me locate Jericho

  • Free the prisonor to create diversion

  • Gavin yells, answered calmly, Gavin is convinced

  • I SO wanted to trick Simon into telling us where Jericho was, and wanted to get another android to talk with him to try and trick him into thinking we're on his side. Didn't happen :/

  • Reactivate Rupurt

  • Get decryption key (6%), Analyze diary (6%)

  • Leave the basement, Connor eluded Perkins


— I had a feeling all three characters would impact each other, or maybe even meet, in one way or another. But wow, for it to be this straightworward and direct was a surprise. And awesome.


  • Remain a machine

  • Connor stopped by soldier, used Perkins alibi (6%)

  • Connor interrupts Markus, fail to reach gun before Markus, Markus shoots Connor, machine Connor was destroyed. I had to choose who lives here, and I really was trying to keep everyone alive while also accomplishing their goals. But that wasn't gonna happen, I guess. I liked Markus more, so I decided he got to live over Connor.


  • Alice being an android is a huge gripe I have with the game, but hey, that's not for this post

  • Kara and Alice in the corridor, escape with Luther

  • Luther is shot, help Luther, get Luther to safety (I feel we owed at least that to him)

  • Android seeks shelter, kept the door closed, soldiers shoot android. No way I was risking it, sorry.

  • Almost reach the breach, soldiers shoot at crowd

  • Play dead, remain still, Kara and Alice escape Jericho


  • Took the dirty bomb controller

  • Markus in the corridor, soldiers threaten androids – stay away, androids are killed. Again, wasn't risking it. Not against two of them with guns

  • Save Josh from the soldiers, Josh escapes

  • Markus shoots Connor

  • North is shot, save North

  • Run to exit, Josh and North jump with me

Night of the Soul


  • Markus chose to fight for his people. I tried being peaceful over and over, but humans didn't seem to have any care about androids, and really only seemed interested in destroying them at this point. I gave them multiple chances to be diplomatic, but each time they refused. So, screw it, we're going violent here.

Battle for Detroit

  • Hart Plaza Rooftop – Prepare to shoot Markus, Hank intervenes

  • Talk about Hank's son (10%), Attack Hank (10%)

  • Connor wins (7%)

  • Dangle Hank over the edge of the roof (10%), Connor kills Hank (1%)

  • Missed opportunity to shoot Markus (10%)

  • I just didn't care for Hank, he was kind of annoying in my opinion (in my playthrough). Connor needed to carry out his mission, and I wasn't gonna let Hank stop me


  • See hanged android (8%)

  • Find Luther and Jerry, Save them

  • Security checkpoint, approach, Luther is nervous, calm Luther, guard returns Alice's glove.

  • Checked by security at the bus terminal (5%). So I was a dumbass and was exploring the opposite side of the terminal from where the couple who had the bus ticket I needed was. I saw the security scanning people and knew I didn't want that. But, as I started exploring the other half of the terminal, they approached me and I…

  • Asked Luther to create a diversion (1%). Luther saved us, but got killed. Was not happy. Was kind of hoping "diversion" meant something other than "sacrifice", but whatever :/

  • Adam calls out to Kara (1%) (as opposed to us meeting him)

  • On the boat in the river – Coast Guard appears

  • Accelerate, Coast Guard opens fire (messing the boat up in the process) (was hoping I could accelerate out of it, and they would focus on other boats. I didn't think any other option would help)

  • Alice is injured

  • Reach Canada on boat

  • Alice is damaged and shuts down

  • Continue living, Alice died and Kara continued alone


  • All attacks are successful

  • Connor finds Markus (6%)

  • Control Markus (4%)

  • Win the fight (4%) (shooting and killing Connor.. again

  • Assault was successful

HOLY SHIT that's it. Took me wayyy longer to type this all out than I thought it would. But hopefully you enjoyed reading most of my choices and some logic behind them. Let me know what you think 🙂

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