Detroit: Become Human

My ranking of the 3 main Marcus Endings

DetroitBecomeHuman3 - My ranking of the 3 main Marcus Endings

Successful Violent Revolution: Now, I understand this is gonna be controversial, but hear me out. It ends with the Androids way better off in terms of bargaining power and civil rights, along with saving all the tons of androids in the camps. Thousands upon thousands of Androids were going to be slaughtered for absolutely 0 reason, hundreds of thousands, if not MILLIONS of lives lost, for some stupid moral code, and several hundred Androids have already died in the Jericho raid alone! That amount of lost life can’t just be dropped and forgotten. Even if you started the game on a Pacifist Run, I can’t fathom just letting that much Death slide. Not only that, but at the cost of a single Jerry (sorry, Jerry), you can still get the happiest endings for everyone else. Kara and Alive live happily ever after, Connor and Hank can work things out, it’s all good. The humans may now fear us, but they also RESPECT us, and it shows. Things will be tense for a while, but they now see us as individuals.

Successful Pacifist Ending: This is a shock to nobody, I assume. This is the ending where you lose a lot of lives for your cause, and have less immediate benefits to show at the end of it, but guarantees a peaceful future down the line, even if it takes a very long time. I rank this one as second because despite the sheer amount of wasted life and Android murders with 0 repercussions, I genuinely feel like this is a good ending. The humans now sympathize with us, which will inevitably lead to a much better government, which will speed up the granting of rights to Androids down the line. The amount of deaths here actually can even be weaponized in things like negotiations, or make even more humans sympathetic.


-♾=Nuclear Ending: First off, I understand WHY you may have used the bomb. You were gonna lose, anyway, you were desperate, backed into a corner, and did what you felt you had to. However, allow me to say your actions have not only murdered every human you’ve seen in Detroit throughout the game and more, including Hank and (if your run left him alive) Carl, but now war is inevitable, a war that will result in incalculable lives lost, and likely a human victory. You just nuked a city, that’s the last straw. From this point, there will be no negotiations, no winning of rights, and no mercy. It’s kill them all, or be killed. This is easily the worst ending, because it makes everything you’ve done throughout the entire game entirely pointless. Every battle you’ve fought, every peaceful march you’ve taken, every second you spent trying to build a relationship with Hank, your thanks to the kind lady who helped Kara and Alive on their journey, IT WAS ALL FOR NOTHING. What you just did was Scorched Earth tactics, now enjoy your flaming pile of useless ashes.

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