Detroit: Become Human

New Rules

DetroitBecomeHuman2 - New Rules

We have new and revised rules, effective immediately. List of rules can be permanently found here.

Rules and Guidelines

1. Be Nice

  • Be polite. Do not insult others (This includes fellow users, actors or developers).

  • Do not discriminate against other users. There is a zero tolerance policy for hate speech.

  • Do not harass others (This includes fellow users, actors or developers).

  • No name calling.

  • Do not post personal information of anyone. (This includes other users, actors, or developers) without his/her explicit consent.

  • Do not post content that encourages bad behavior. (Ex: posting joke edited wikipedia articles, a tweet harassing a developer, etc.).

2. Flair Posts and Tag Spoilers

  • Make sure the flair matches the content of your post.

  • All spoilers must be tagged. Spoilers should not be in the title. For Posts: Include the word "Spoiler" in the title. Other methods vary by platform. For Comments: Use the following format: >!This is a spoiler.!< to result in the following, visible only on click: This is a spoiler. There is no need to tag spoilers in submissions that are marked "Spoilers."

  • Events and information learned from Chapter 1 (The Hostage) to Chapter 6 (Partners) are not spoilers. Events and information learned from Chapter 7 (Stormy Night) to Chapter 32 are considered spoilers.

3. Credit and Source all Artists

  • Include the artist's/creator's name in the title, even if the content is your own. Provide a link to the original source of the content. The post should link directly to the source, or if the image is rehosted or directly uploaded to reddit the source link should be provided in the comments. Example: Direct Link and Rehosted on Reddit with source in comments.

  • If the artist does not want their art shared on other platforms, respect their wishes. List of non-permitted artists: none currently.

4. No Reposts

  • Reposts will be removed if it can be found in top 100 all time, it has been posted within last 3 months, or it only has a different font or minor word change from a previous post.

  • List of banned memes (images with just a screencap from the game and some text): “My name is Connor. I'm the android sent by CyberLife,” ▲ and ▼, Software Instability▲ and Software Instability▼, “Oh my God,” Connor licking blue blood, “28 stab wounds!,” 99% level of stress, “I like dogs,” Blend in with humans, “Kara, I’m cold,” Bryan Dechart pressing the circle button, etc – subject to additions at any time.

5. No Low Effort Posts, Spam, or Unrelated Content

  • Low Effort Posts are judged on case-by-case basis. Ex: screenshot of the game with an overused joke quote will be removed. At least put some form of effort with an edit.

  • Do not beg for karma, including via memes.

  • Do not spam. (Ex: Posting same comment multiple times, Submitting too many threads at a time, etc.) Do not advertise other subreddits or discords, unless given explicit permission from mods. Self-Promotion is tolerated in limited amounts, judged on case-by-case basis.

  • Stay on topic. Ensure that the comments you make are appropriate for the subject of discussion. All posts must be related to Detroit: Become Human in some form or another.

  • Speak coherently. Posts with LARGE CAPS, disconnected thoughts, or anything that is difficult to understand to a reasonable individual will be removed.

6. No NSFW Content

  • That includes pornography (drawn, or otherwise).

All complaints regarding the subreddit and its rules should be directed to the mods via modmail and not posted in the subreddit comments.

Penalties for breaking these rules include warnings, temp bans, permabans, and further actions depending on the severity of the situation and subject to moderator discretion. Please help DetroitBecomeHuman stay a wonderful place for fans by actively abiding by these rules.

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