Detroit: Become Human

Played it for the first time – My Thoughts

DetroitBecomeHuman3 - Played it for the first time - My Thoughts

I knew going into the game the type of game that it was, that your choices matter and effect the game, i had played every telltale game before i had played this and loved the aspect of how your choices matter, although Detroit Become Human blows them out of the water in terms of your choices actually mattering given that there is tons of different endings and variations of who lives/dies and how etc.

I'll now go into my feelings on certain points in the story

I managed to save the girl at the beginning and the android got shot, i didn't feel bad even after lying to him because of what he had done by threating to jump off the building with the girl

Conor really started getting annoying to me because when he discovered the house Kara and Alice were hiding in and i knew because of the way he dealt with the deviant in the attic, that he wouldn't listen to Kara's explanation, so i intentionally messed up his search when he was in the house because i didn't want Kara and Alice to suffer because Conor's obsession with hunting the deviants, i actually saw their legs moving under the stairs but purposely avoided discovering them because their story was the most important for me, because Kara simply wanted to protect Alice.

My next decision that really made me think and have to actually pause the game to think about it was Markus deciding whether to go with a peaceful or violent revolution, my heart was screaming at me to go for the violent revolution because he had tried the peaceful route marching and the police shot numerous androids and Markus himself although he got saved by the android i freed at the cyberlife centre, john i believe it was.


Then on top of that when they were in Jericho they got attacked and numerous androids got killed again it made me think fuck this Markus has tried the peaceful route and the humans are being absolute twats to him, but despite this i thought i had played him as a pacifist so far so i might as well see it through and eventually got more androids shot but by kissing north managed to i think save the rest of android kind.

The part of the game and there were many that really tugged on my heartstrings was near the end where Kara and Alice were at the border check and knew if they were scanned would be discovered as androids, but the way Kara said Please when they were getting scanned made me tear up a little just at the pure fact that all she wanted was to start a new life with Alice

Everyone lived in my ending except luther and that was only because i didnt realise there was a timer when you were in Rose's house and the cop discovered him hiding and shot him.

I had been looking at other peoples endings on youtube and the one that really sticks with me is the one where Alice and Kara get sent to the camp but not only that but Kara abandons Alice, i couldn't believe that someone would honestly do that!, when i played it i played it as Alice mattering above all else, even when i discovered she was an android.

Sorry for the long post but just wanted to share my thoughts on this awesome game, part of me wants to replay to see the different stories but another part of me is happy with how my playthrough ended, Markus became leader, Connor became deviant and joined Markus and Kara and Alice started their new life in Canada

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