Detroit: Become Human

Probably a lot of posts like these but I finished this game and damn was it good

DetroitBecomeHuman10 - Probably a lot of posts like these but I finished this game and damn was it good

TL;DR I did pretty well on my first playthrough. Well maybe not super well

Before you continue, there will be spoilers

This game has been a huge journey and I completed it in 2 parts. From the beginning to Kara and Alice sleeping in the houde with Ralph then from that moment to the end of the game.

I decided to a peaceful approach as the game went on and I can say that it worked. All my characters lived, however, not all the side characters did.

In Kara's playthrough, she ended up crossing the river and when I started getting shot at, I decided to accelerate but that didn't work and Alice and Luther died as a result. I made Kara keep her life instead of taking it because that's what it means to be human.

In Markus' playthrough, all the Jericho companions made it to the end and I support from them, the Jericho community, and the public. I chose to demonstrate peacefully and ended up almost losing everybody (as in the Jericho community) but I decided to kiss North and the President decided to stand down.

In Connor's playthrough, I made it to the Cyberlife basement and since Hank said, "Do what you gotta do," when he was being held hostage by the other Connor, I chose to sacrifice him. (My only fu*king gripe with this story so far is that Hank basically says "Do your duty," and yet when I make the choice to do that, his rating fell down) Deviant Connor (DC) was shot and killed by the new Connor but not before I transferred DC to the new Connor. The androids came to life and met up with Markus at the rally.

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