Detroit: Become Human

So…I let my Mother play the game and then give feedback on the characters. Minnor Spoilers. >!spoiler!

DetroitBecomeHuman9 - So...I let my Mother play the game and then give feedback on the characters. Minnor Spoilers. >!spoiler!

My Mom said she loved it, so don't think these are gonna be bad. Also, I'm just relaying what she said, so of you don't like it, then I'm glad you have your own opinion.

HANK: He's a funny character. Reminds me too much of your Dad really. (They both have beards and are super grumpy)

CONNOR: Too much of a suck up. And he dies too easily. (She died A LOT at the beginning because she didn't know the controls. But she sill managed to go deviant.) But I still can understand the love for him, he is really adorable and is my new baby. (Once she said that, I started to laugh because every says he's their baby.)

RK900: (Didn't get that ending, sorry.)

SUMO: Are you kidding? Dogs will always have a big place in my heart.

GAVIN REED: Ugh, okay he's an annoying little shit. I know he isn't a child, but he sure does act like one.

RUPERT: Pigeon Man!!! (All she said, and I don't blame her.)

KAMSKI: Who? Sorry, I don't really remember anything about him. OH!! EXCEPT FOR HE TRIED TO GET MY BABY TO SHOOT THAT POOR GIRL!! I wanted to kill him.

CHLOE: She deserves better. She should leave Kamski. (She still doesn't fully understand that not every robot is deviant.)

AMANDA: FUCK. HER. That's all I have to say.

KARA: She's a good mother, but I still don't trust her. She's really unstable and needed Luther to point out that Alice was a robot. (Spoiler.) Still, she's one badass for getting away from Todd.

ALICE: I called that she was a robot LONG before they revealed it. (She analyzes EVERYTHING, so not a big surprise.) I swear, once she refused the food Rose gave her I could tell. The bitch never ate!! Otherwise, she was a HUGE inconvenience. But I understand the reason she's in the game. Still, a sweet kid.

LUTHER: You mean Mr. Sexy? (Called him that once he rebelled.) I didn't trust him at first but after awhile, I couldn't help but go back to liking him.


ROSE: Very sweet. Was a good lady for helping the Androids.

ADAM: Nope, still don't like him. I know your supposed to after his big lines in the end. But I still find him an unbearable brat.

RALPH: Nope, he tried to kill Alice. I will always hate him. (Never spent the night in the abandoned house.)

JERRY: The hive mind? He's alright. I feel nothing against him, or for him.

ZLATKO: Who? Oh, the creep in the house! Still think he's a creepy villan for doing all those things to the Androids, but I love the bad guys.

MARKUS: He's been through a lot, but he sill managed to make a difference and free his people. I understand why you call him Robo-Jesus, but I still think that it's not a perfect fit.

CARL: He's the sweetest, most kindest old man I've ever known. It's no wonder how Markus became a good man. It was the work of his owner, who was more of a friend.

LEO: Carl deserves a better son than HIM!! Even, (Older Bro's Name) is better than him!!!!

JOSH: Was a bit whiny, but he did stick to his belief that peace was the better way to solve things.

NORTH: Why do people hate her? She's a badass bitch who stuck to her guns. She was also always ready to throw down. I love her for that!

SIMON: Oh, he was worthless. Nothing changed when he died, (Killed him at the news tower.) and I'm willing to bet that nothing would've if he lived. (I was mad when she killed him AND when she called him worthless. Mostly because he's MY cinnamon roll. He deserves to be with Markus!)

LUCY: She had an awsome design, and was a good character all around.

If I left out a character, feel free to comment their name and I will get an opinion.

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