Detroit: Become Human

Sorry but the game is blurry and unplayable. The PC port is atrocious.

DetroitBecomeHuman1 - Sorry but the game is blurry and unplayable. The PC port is atrocious.

I love video games. Honestly do. And after finishing Life is Stange (1-5) I thought I'd give Detroit a chance… Oh boi do I regret that decision.. I'm on a Ryzen 1700x with a 1080ti and I can barely get 75fps like what? It has terrible blur for far away background objects making me feel like i'm short-sighted and having to modify game files to unlock fps only for it to still not run properly is ridiculous. I have played many bad console ports, like Nier Automata and Hellblade but at least those were on UE4 and could be patched and fixed (which should be done by the developper not the end user) but I never minded the extra effort to get it running and looking beautifully.. Now Detroit comes along and it doesn't run properly and when it doesn't crash gives this terrible terrible BOKEH filter …

It actually inhibits the functionality of the game; let me give you an example:

After purchasing the paint, the player needs to go to the bus stop. Seems easy, all I need to do is turn the camera and look for a bus st.. OH WAIT I CAN'T SEE PAST 5 feet in front of me so the only way to find the bus stop is to trigger the interaction menu that shows the objective.

THAT takes the enjoyment away because it's literally an arrow telling the player where to go. There is no physical way to actually play the game other than to blindly and i mean blindly quite literally than to walk toward the blue arrow and press the prompted button…

3440×1440 on ultra and it looks like ps3 port seriously


edit: trying to play this game for it's story it becomes staggering how the camera and game character move sometimes uncontrollably and aren't tied. So the character will shift to the right half of the screen and the camera will wobble to imitate his walking but that shouldn't be because the camera isn't even tied to the character so why should it wobble and it's just a nauseating mess.

How can the main character walk away from the camera or even walk out of the frame? So I would be walking straight across the place and the character just walks away as the camera stays in place turns left and exits the frame? How is the player supposed to move the avatar if camera and player orientation are two distinct mechanics? It fathoms me how this can be a thing.

Lol even disregarding all these "creative choices" it seems the game just doesn't want to be played:


Please note that this criticism comes from a place of love and compassion. I heard all the good about this game and wanted to play it since it's original release in April 2018 and now 2 years later its completely unplayable and that's a shame. within the first two missions it crashed 5 times, forced me to reinstall graphics drivers, then proceeded to compile shaders twice, taking 15 minutes each. That's a level of pain and bugs the developers should have ironed out and goes to show that once Sony's money runs out support is out the window

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