Detroit: Become Human

Spoilers. Just finished my first play through!

DetroitBecomeHuman1 - Spoilers. Just finished my first play through!

Man, I just finished my first play through of the game and it was wild. My thoughts are gonna be below with major spoilers. (just in case the tag don’t work) If you haven’t played (I assume if you’re reading this you have, cause you’re literally on a sub for the game) please don’t read it. After playing once I think lots of the game would lose its impact if you knew what to do.

There is so much to unpack on this game geez. Fortunately all 3 of my characters lived. My Marcus story was mostly peaceful but I didn’t hesitate to murder a human to advance our cause if necessary. At the news station I murdered the employee running away. As well as the two officers who shot androids who we had just converted from the stores. I feel like that one was more out of anger though and in hindsight probably didn’t help us. Other than that I tried to be peaceful. Our first match started peaceful till we were shot at and than we rushed the police. Our second march was also peaceful but I sure wasn’t gonna surrender when asked. I didn’t trust that dude in the slightest. I figured I was for sure dead when I sent Marcus to talk to him.( for those who did, what happened?)after short fight scene it all ended when the president called off the troops. I think Marcus had the more basic storyline of the 3 but still very very enjoyable. Connor was an interesting storyline for me but I think the way most of the people would have played through with him. Connor and Hank got really close for me through Connor sacrificing himself and other events. I do think that Connor finding Jericho probably didn’t help Marcus’ cause but I was so focused on acing everything I didn’t even stop to think of implications. Indidnt realize Connor wasn’t deviant the whole time and was surprised when I had to break him out of it in his confrontation with Marcus The most interesting story by far for me anyways was Kara, Alice and Luther. From the very beginning when I murdered Todd (is there a way that Todd could have survived and impacted the story later?) I knew that her story was gonna be wild. I chose not to rob the convenience store owner but did shoplift wire cutters. Zlatkos house was wild I was unable to escape from the machine holding me (not sure if you could or not) but did manage to gain my memory back. The only issue I had with the Zlatko story is for me anyways it seemed pretty clear that Zlatko would betray you but Luther would betray Zlatko. I really enjoyed the Family that seemed to develop between the trio. I had a legit smile on my face at the carousel. After meeting Rose we went to see Marcus. Than I was shocked when the game revealed Alice to also be an Android. Beyond shocked. Shooketh lol. Could her Android age up or how does that work. Transfer memory into an older looking Android? Either way. Luther died on the pending Jericho attack. I was saddened by that but kept pushing on. When heading to the bus I took the shortcut. By this point in the game my heart was absolutely racing. With Marcus and Connors storyline and everything happening I was barely keeping my head about me. So I took the shortcut cause I wasn’t about to miss the bus but when that guard called us back to give Alice her glove it took all my wits to not shoot. I figured to may guards so we screwed if I shoot. I felt bad but stole that couples ticket cause I wasn’t about to die and they were human (probably) so they would’ve lived anyways. At the border we met the Jerry and Rose again. I chose to sacrifice Jerry at the border and we ended up making it Canada


Give me a short rundown on all your games so I can find out some of these other endings. I did play through this game in one afternoon turned evening turned night turned morning so near the end I was also exhausted not sure I’ll sleep for a bit though my heart is still racing. Also that is by far my longest post ever in my short reddit career. Any guesses how long it was? (Including the end but not the title, I used some wordcounter website but y’all should guess.

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