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The Family at Kara’s Ending …

DetroitBecomeHuman5 - The Family at Kara's Ending ...

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I wanted to start a curious discussion. The family at the end of Kara's route … you can give the bus tickets back, or keep them for yourself.

I was looking at a few old threads, and everybody seemed to be convinced the family was human, and weren't going to have any trouble, but … do we know that? I mean, sure, they looked human, but we look human and aren't.

There are points for both sides, certainly, so I'll just list off a few random thoughts I have rattling in my brain.

For my first playthrough, I chose to give the tickets back immediately. I was playing a Peaceful Markus. After handing the tickets over, the male adult says, "Thank you … You've … You've saved our lives." He gives a weighty, lingering look before turning around with the tickets.

So that's one argument for the family being android if you're playing the Peaceful Markus (more on that later).

For the second playthrough, I kept the tickets to myself. Still Peaceful Markus. The adults are, obviously, panicking. One thing they said in particular stood out to me. "What are we gonna do? We can't stay here! We have to find a safe place for Oliver."

So it makes me wonder, even if the adults are human, perhaps the baby is an android, and the couple was infertile? Or, perhaps one adult was human, and the other was android?

Or, maybe they're all just human and this is a scene designed more around the idea that you have a Warmongering Markus and the family might die to human extermination? If that's the case, do you think there's a chance they'd get out, considering they are on the edge of the city, an evacuation begins immediately, and the major part of the android force are located in the heart of the city at the time?

If the family is fully human and scene is orchestrated around the idea that you have a Warmongering Markus, does that take away from the weight of your decision if you're playing a Peaceful Markus? Because it's clear a peaceful Markus isn't going to kill the people of Detroit, and the president evacuates citizens regardless, so they should get out quickly.


I do believe, either way, that if the family is full android, taking their tickets is life-threatening to them, because of the thermal scans. Regardless of why the call to withdraw is given by the President, it is probable they will be caught and executed before that call is finalized.

If the family is two human adults and one android baby, it is possible only the adults will be scanned. If it's one human and two androids, I do believe they will suffer the same or similar fate to a full android family, perhaps with the human being forced to separate and stay alive.

So, here are the questions I thought I'd ask for the sake of friendly discussion:

1. Do you think the family is human, android, or a mixed family?

2. If the family is fully human, does taking the tickets during a Peaceful Markus route nullify the consequence of your choice?

3. If the family is fully human, do you think they are completely doomed to death during a Warmongering Markus route?

4. If the family is two human adults and one android baby, do you think it is possible for them to slip through the cracks, and be safe?

5. If the family is 100% android, or has one adult android, or even if you think the baby wouldn't slip through the cracks, do you disagree with me, and still think you are not guaranteeing the androids' death by taking the tickets?

You don't have to answer all of the questions. You can pick and choose which you want to discuss, if any … I've just been thinking a lot. This is the choice I feel most people were most unhappy with in the game (other than the Connor twist, but that wasn't really a "choice" per se), so I wanted to discuss it.

Bonus question: Do you think, if you have a Peaceful Markus run, and sacrifice nobody at the checkpoint, that Jerry still manages to get through? Like, do you think his checkpoint officer is as understanding as the one who checks in Kara and crew?

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