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The many unreleased tracks of “Detroit: Become Humans”‘s soundtrack

DetroitBecomeHuman4 - The many unreleased tracks of "Detroit: Become Humans"'s soundtrack

Hey everyone! 🙂

I wanted to make this post so we can talk about the unreleased music of the game. In fact, there is a lot of it which is pretty sad since this game has phenomenal music. And it always drives me crazy when people are like "Yeah but the whole soundtrack is released, isn't it". Because then I'm like no it's not arrrggghh.

If you play through the game you can actually notice that there is so much music which is not officially released. A few examples would be of course:

– Opening Theme

– Freedom march

– Marcus escaping the junkyard

– Connor chasing Kara

– Peaceful demonstration march

– Marcus' final speech

– bedtime story for Alice

– when the police officers searches through Rose's house

– when you have to choose what you want to paint as Marcus

– Connor running through Jericho (if Connor is a deviant and Markus is dead or not in Jericho anymore)

to name a few.

Throughout the games, they also used many alternatives of already released tracks, such as:

– Variation of Kara's Theme or "By Firelight" (I don't know) when you join Alice at the fireplace and she asks if there's something wrong (after learning about her identity) -> just the cello and a bass line I thinkt


– During the border crossing scene. Not sure if it's yet another alternative of Kara's Theme or "Dark Night", maybe a mixture of both but it definitely has elements of "Dark Night" in it, such as the snares.

– When playing dead as Alice and Kara, an alternative of "Fly on Foot" is played.

– While escaping from Jericho as Kara and Alice, a section of "Fly on Foot" with altered instruments is edited into the normal track

– Variation of "Run with me" during the scene when Kara crosses the highway. On the soundtrack version Connor's theme overlaps "Run with me" but in-game "Run with me" is played without Connor's theme overlapping, so you only hear Kara's part. (One of my favorites tbh, really really love that alternative)

– When you escape Todd's house; after the violin climax a alternative section of "Dark Night" plays with some instruments dialed down.

– Variation of "Deviants" when Hank is hugging Connor. During that scene most other instruments are dialed down.

and many more. If you know some more, feel free to share it. 🙂

As you can see, there are soooo many unreleased tracks and alternatives or already existing tracks…

Maybe with the pc release it'll be possible to actually rip the missing music from the game files? Maybe some people can do it ^_^

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