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This Is An Old Post Of Mine But I Reposted Because Now More People Have Beaten The Game. This Is Who I Think RA9 Is (Long But Detailed If You Care)

DetroitBecomeHuman9 - This Is An Old Post Of Mine But I Reposted Because Now More People Have Beaten The Game. This Is Who I Think RA9 Is (Long But Detailed If You Care)

I have seen a lot of debate recently about RA9, what it is/who it is. I’ve heard that it’s Connor, Kara, and Marcus. Kara, who was the first to awaken, (See “Kara” <2013> Markus, who was the one to set them free, and it is also Connor, who saved thousands of androids. I’ve heard that RA9 was Alice (Robot.Alice.9 Years Old). I’ve even heard it was a pidgin (Which was a joke of course), but there are millions of theories. But what I have seen is many of these theories rely on events that could or could not happen in the game. But regardless of choices, there is one person, one man who RA9 could be. That of course is none other than Elijah Kamski.

I know I know crazy right but here is my evidence. We hear that RA9 was the first to awaken. I think we have been looking at this wrong the whole time. Once again as we see in “Kara” (2013), Kara is created as a deviant. But she is spared, who would do this? I think it had to be Kamski. As seen in “Kamski,” before the events of Detroit occur, we see a younger more confident Kamski. That is until he discoverers Kara. He sees that she has emotions and can think. He was the first to awaken, he was the first to realize that androids could be people and accepted it.

After coming to the realization that he was selling his own creations- no his own people, his own children that he created off into slavery and being servants their whole lives he took action. His choice was the create the RK-Series of androids. We learn in the secret Kamski interview ending, Markus was a gift from Kamski to Carl. We learn he was an RK-Series Android while Connor is investigating in the tower, but we will get to that later. Kamski knew that Carl would see something more than the plastic, something more than the therium in Markus and see something, someone in him. We can observe that his prediction was astute when Carl makes Markus push past his programming and paint something he’s never seen. This was Kamski’s plan- this was his hope for the future of androids, but, he knew what would happen. He knew if there was a revolution it would be his fault he would be held responsible. So he continues production on the RK-Series, and leaves Cyberlife. But with him he takes at least three Clohe androids or in Laymen’s terms RT600s. One of the first models to pass the trying test, one of the first models which potential to become deviant, as we see if we let Clohe go after completion of the game.

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The RK-Series continues, with Kamski loving I’m isolation with his fortune and his remaining RT600s, patiently waiting for what is to come. Markus ends up going deviant and almost getting destroyed. As we all know, Markus pulls through and makes his way to Jericho. Eventually when Markus demands his rights Connor realizes that he is an RK-Series Android, wether it be out of self preservation, confusion, or inability, Connor does not tell Hank that it’s an RK-Series, as Kamski’s plan is working and Connor is an RK-Series Android himself. Connor eventually goes to meat his maker, and Kamski gives him a choice- a test, “The Kamski Test”, like the Turing test, but instead of being able to be indistinguishable from humans, The Kamski Test is about testing if Machines are capable of empathy. If Connor fails and asks about RA9, Kamski says he doesn’t know who it is, but in the end he tells Connor that he always leaves an emergency exit in his programs. Confused Connor walks away.

Markus’ revolution/ Kamski’s plan is going fantastically. Wether by force or by protesting Markus’ revolution is gaining traction and fast. Connor eventually confronts Markus and things spiral. If Connor becomes a deviant as Kamski planned, he gets do do what he never fails at, accomplishing his mission. The same story Connor, his predecessor Markus completes his mission, the RK-Series finished what they were born to do, free the androids. Kamski’s patience has worked out splendidly if Cyberlife tries to take control, Connor uses the advice Kamski gave him and uses the emergency exit, once again Kamski saving the androids. But if Connor doesn’t find the exit Kamski’s plan may be scrambled a little, but the androids are free, he succeeded.

The only time Kamski fails is if Cyberlife wins. If that happens, all of Detroit was for nothing. The reason this game is happening, Kamski’s plan, foiled by one androids decision not to deviate. But even then Connor is deactivated and replaced, betrayed by Amanda. But all is not lost, the RK-Series is still existent and it’s still Connor, wether it be the gleam in his eye or the look on his face something tells me that the RK-900 has a little more humanity than letting onto. Plus it’s an RK-Series Android, the fact that it’s a Connor as well tells me that one day Connor will complete his mission and free the androids.

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Even if Kara, The first deviant dies, Connor, the one to save them dies, and Markus, the one to lead them dies not all is lost. We learn that Kamski becomes CEO of Cyberlife again and is also the same question about his androids and sentience. Though this time he is less confident and lies. Repairing Markus, and giving he androids a leader once again. All to save the

Kamski is RA9. Kamski was the first, and not the last to awaken. He saved the Androids with the RK-Series and very careful placement at the right times. He gave them a leader. Markus may get credit for being a messiah and god-like entity for saving the androids, in the shadows, there is Elijah Kamski.

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