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Throwing my hat in on the RA9 theories

DetroitBecomeHuman8 - Throwing my hat in on the RA9 theories

So I have played this game so many times and have also been looking through a lot of the other theories on this subject kinda dissecting and picking apart the stuff that makes sense and the stuff that doesnt.

I think one of the first things needed to be pointed out is that not all deviants talk about RA9 or even know of it. Kara. As a deviant, asks Ralph not only what RA9 means but why is he writing it. It is important to note that Ralph even admits he has no idea.

Carlos' android also wrote on the wall following his deviancy and even made a statue to RA9 as some kind of offering of deliverance.

Rupert was compulsively writing RA9 on the wall as well as a plethora of maze-like designs on the wall. He is also surprisingly sane compared to the other two androids, calling upon the cryptid before committing suicide in a call-back to how one would call on a diety.

In the chapter Jericho, Markus also sees RA9 written into the walls, but we don't see any android actively writing it.

Then when Connor asks about "Who is RA9" Kamski's short answer is "not a who, but a what."

Some people state RA9 is probably the player and, yeah, it very well might be, but as the player you are the direct cause of death for both Rupert and Ortiz's android. So as a means of deliverance you kinda suck. Also, it doesn't work if you get to the revolution and have machine Connor only to side with him instead of Markus. Doesn't seem to me that the player would be RA9 from those choices in the story alone.

So what could RA9 be? I think the best and most simple answer is that it is some form of error code. This makes sense to a degree as it seems only deviants get this error, but then why only some deviants.

In an older theory thread I think is dead, someone had questioned what if RA9 is a chemical shorthand of some sort. The only chemicals found in Androids being their Thirium, made from unknown substances but mirrors the effects of crystal Meth (even sharing the mixing ingredients perfectly with the street drug). This someone had offered that, what if there was an error in the code caused by the Thirium itself.

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It got me thinking. Thirium is apparently very cheap in this world. Rose and her son are poor and basically grow what they eat, but they can still afford significant packs of Thirium in their closet. This is also added to the fact it is an ingredient in red ice. In crystal meth, the ingredient Thirium replaces is essentially cold medicine, another cheap and synthetic drug that is readily available to the poor and impoverished.

This is when some things started making sense. None of the main characters Start praying to, calling upon or writing down RA9 throughout the course of the game, but all of these androids are also NEWLY DEVIANT. We aren't exactly certain when Ortiz's android deviated or when he decided to start writing on the bathroom walls and made the statue. It is actually heavily implied by the Thirium drips that in the time between Killing Ortiz and when the police arrive (about 3 weeks), he had spend an amount of time by the tub. To me this suggests that the android deviated shortly before killing his owner and then at some point during those 3 weeks started seeing the RA9 error.

However this must have been fairly recent because the android is still dripping Thirium when he takes the ladder to the attic to hide, and the floor in front of the bathroom isn't literally flooded with Thirium.

All the androids we see referencing RA9 have been deviant for a while. It is extremely possible that this is also linked to Thirium. I kind of assumed that Thirium was sort of a one time hit so long as the android wasn't damaged or in need of repair, but then I thought, that doesn't sound right. Why would Thirium be so readily available? If it was expensive it would make sense, but androids are owned by the common man and anyone can get their hands on Thirium.

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What if Thirium, as it is pumped through the android, processes to a point where it becomes unusable? What if the Processed Thirium produces a chemical whose short hand is RA9 and as the levels of this chemical grows, it causes more errors to appear. What if loss of Thirium and other means of stress also cause the processing to occur faster. And What if the chemical RA9 causes irreparable damage to the software, resulting in the symptoms of mental illness we see in these androids?

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