Detroit: Become Human

Wanted to share how my first playthroughs turned out

DetroitBecomeHuman4 - Wanted to share how my first playthroughs turned out

There don't seem to be many posts about first playthroughs on this sub so I'd like to share mine and would love to read others as well.


I tried hard to keep him alive but ended up dying lots of times. I died right at the start saving the hostage from Daniel. At first I thought about making friends with Hank, but grew tired of him being pissed all the time, so I ended up not caring for him much at the beginning. Carlos Ortiz’s Android killed me during the interrogation. I didn't go after Kara on the highway cause I really wanted them to make it to the other side. When pursuing Rupert, I continued chasing him since I saw Hank got a high chance of survival, but I didn't think he would take it that bad. I didn't shoot the Tracis because I genuinely felt bad about them. During Public Enemy, I wanted to make it up to Hank, so when chasing the deviant I ended up protecting him and dying again. I shot the Chloe because I really wanted answers and once again, I didn't think Hank would be so affected. He obviously didn't buy me more time at the station, so I ended up getting the Jericho location from Rupert’s diary. During Crossroads, I wanted my Connor to become deviant, but clearly my actions were more of a machine, so he stayed a machine. At the Hart Plaza Rooftop, I almost had a heart attack as I saw him ready to kill Markus. Thankfully, my Hank arrived and I intentionally lost the fight against him so he would stop me. My final Connor was defeated by Markus at the end.



At first I really tried going for the peaceful approach but my actions were not enough to get a positive public opinion. At Stratford Tower I shot down the staff member that escaped so he wouldn't raise the alarm, so I made it out with everyone but public opinion was hostile from that point. During Freedom March I stood my ground and then I was going to disperse, but when I saw they'd shoot anyways, I got really pissed so I decided to attack and won the fight. I escaped from Jericho alive and lead a successful violent revolution, but sadly, I lost Josh and Simon. After the final fight with Connor, Detroit was evacuated and we “won”.

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Probably the most emotional arc in my opinion. I tried always doing the right thing and keeping Alice safe and close. I reasoned with Todd on Stormy Night, ended up fighting him and escaping through the front door. I stole clothes, but felt that stealing money to sleep at the hotel was too risky, so I ended up staying at Ralph’s refuge. I escaped before being reset at Slatko’s place, freed the monsters and the bear, so Slatko was killed by them. I fooled the cop at Roses’ place, but he almost caught me because I didn’t hide the Android clothes on time. I helped Luther during Crossroads and escaped by playing dead. I reunited with him later on and made it to the bus stop. Unfortunately, I returned the bus tickets (trying to do the right thing) and didn’t find Rose in time, so we got caught by guards and killed on the spot. When that happened, I don’t think I had ever cried so much with a game before. After everything they went through, I felt really angry with myself for letting them die that way.

Overall, I really loved the game. This is one of the few games that made me genuinely care about the characters and kept me on edge all the time. I also cried a bunch times haha. Really a masterpiece in my opinion. Sorry for the long post!

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