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What if Kara and Markus were merged into one character?

DetroitBecomeHuman6 - What if Kara and Markus were merged into one character?

I never really connected to Markus during Detroit: Become Human. I kind of felt like he had the best life out of all the Androids up until his death (the first one). And Kara was an interesting character, but she didn’t get involved with the revolution because she had to protect Alice.

So I thought what if it was through trying to protect Alice (A human child_Not an android) is what led the character to join the android rebellion in the first place.

Here's how I think it would play out:

New Name: Karma (Kara + Markus)

Appearance: Karma has green eyes and long brown hair, done up in a low bun at the back. She also has a LED ring on her right temple, to distinguish her as an android and indicate her mental status. Later, to change her appearance and make her less easily identifiable, she cuts her hair into a short pixie style, covering her Led (can't remove the LED without damaging herself) with a bang, and colors her hair blonde.

Biography: Karma (RK200 #684 842 971) is an RK-series prototype initially developed as part of a secret CyberLife program aimed at elaborating a new generation of autonomous androids. During her assembly, the android "Karma" was tested on her physical and cognitive functions by the Operator. When she realized she was going to be reset, sold, and considered an object, Karma showed distress, noting: "I thought I was alive." The Operator noted that as an error for which she would have to be disassembled and analyzed. Scared and tearful, Karma begged for her life and mind, moving the Operator to halt disassembly and send her out to sale despite her "error", on the promise that she keeps quiet about it. Elijah Kamski designed and gifted her to his friend Carl Manfred after he lost the use of his legs in an accident.

Carl is a celebrated painter, but after the accident, he becomes a recluse and stops painting. Karma helps Carl with his everyday tasks but mostly provides companionship. Over time, her presence helps Carl regain a taste for life. At first, he sees Karma as a sophisticated yet stupid machine, but as the relationship between him and the android develops, Carl's mind changes. In time, they become like father and daughter. However, this relationship causes Carl’s biological son, Todd, to feel resentment. Todd is a frequent visitor to Carl’s home, often asking for money and using Carl’s granddaughter, Alice, to gain sympathy. Carl often speaks of his granddaughter, calling her his “Little artist.”

Game chapters:

  1. Shades of Color: Karma follows Markus's original path
  2. The Painter: Everything is the same until Todd (Carl's son) shows up. He brings a scared Alice with him and asks for money. He shoves Karma and grabs Alice roughly by her arm, taking her with him when he leaves.
  3. Broken: Todd is stealing Carl's paintings. Alice is with him. If Carl has a heart attack and falls off his chair both Karma and Alice run to his side. In both options when the police shoot Karma, Alice watches in terror, blue blood splashing on her face.
  4. From the Dead: Instead of the junkyard, Karma reboots in the Android Zone store. Todd used Carl's money and had her repaired, reset, and her memory wiped. He tells her that he is her owner now and that her name is Karma.
  5. A New Home: Karma arrives at Todd Williams' house (or Carl's mansion, if Carl died and Todd inherited the house) Her story is mostly the same, except that after Karma cleans everything up in the house and gets the chance to talk with Alice, who is drawing in her room. Karma watches Alice draw, in parallel to when she used to watch Carl paint, though she doesn’t remember.
  6. A New Bond (My Own made up chapter): Karma and Alice spend time together. Karma plays with Alice and reads her bedtime stories every night, Alice encouraging her to make up her own instead of using the ones stored in her head. Todd is abusive and violent. Karma does her best to keep his attention away from Alice. After Todd says something hurtful to Alice, to get the child’s mind off it, Karma teaches Alice to paint, encouraging her to paint something from the mind and heart (using Carl's words) Alice paints Karma and Carl together. Karma questions her about it and Alice reveals that Karma used to belong to her grandfather. She tells Karma about seeing Karma (And her grandfather, if he had a heart attack) die and that her daddy lied to the police. She hugs Karma, crying, saying that she’s sorry that she was too scared to say anything. Karma comforts her and hides the painting when she hears Todd coming.
  7. Stormy Night: The Chapter plays out the same
  8. Fugitives: The Chapter plays out the same
  9. On the Run: The Chapter plays out the same
  10. Zlatko: The chapter plays out mostly the same, except that Karma touches Luthor which makes him turn Deviant. If Karma chooses to free Zlatko's experiments, she touches them too. It's the first time that she uses her ability to awaken androids, but she doesn't know that she's responsible.
  11. The Pirates' Cove: Plays out the same, except that when Karma talks to Luthor, Luthor tells Karma that something happened when he touched her, he suddenly began to question what Zlatko was doing.
  12. Midnight Train: Plays out mostly the same, except that if the police suspect something and search the house, he injures both Kara and Luthor. Rose comes back saying they must flee. Karma, Alice, and Luthor say goodbye to Rose who tells them to find Simon.
  13. Crossroads: If the police suspected, then Luthor and Karma are injured. Luthor injuries are severe and Karma is missing her right eye. Luthor his thorium pump regulator is broken. Luthor tells Karma and Alice that they would have an easier time finding Jerico without him. Alice says that they can’t leave him. Karma decides to see if they can find the parts, they need to fix herself and Luthor. She asks what parts he needs and then asks him to stay with Alice, while she goes into the junkyard, filled with countless other dead or dying androids. Karma able to find a right eye for herself and when she starts to leave she is grabbed by a dying android who tells her that there is a "place where we can be free", then tells Karma to find Jericho. While trying to look for pump regulator, she tries to grab a pump regulator from what she thinks is a dead android, it 'wakes up' and says "Wait! Please! Please, don't do that! I want to live…" If Karma decides to spare it and it says, "Thank you…” and Karma finds a different pump regulator and leaves the junkyard, returning to Luthor and Alice. Karma, Alice, and Luther are on a train and arrive at the Ferndale station, they overhear the news about a detective android. Karma scans the artwork for clues and follows the trail discovering other destroyed androids before finally finding Jericho, an old abandon ship freighter.
  14. Jericho: Karma, Alice, and Luther enter the ship, where they finally discover many androids who welcomes them to Jericho. Karma, Alice, and Luther are introduced to the main leaders of Jericho, Simon, Josh, and North. Karma then explains to Simon that she needs to cross the border as she is with a little girl. Simon explains that they don’t have the resources to help her and upon talking to them Karma discovers that Jericho is not truly a haven but a place to hide from the humans. Simon says that they can stay in Jericho until they figure out their next move. North is hostile towards Alice, saying that “Humans aren’t welcome here,” Karma pulls Alice closer to her and Simon tells North to “leave them alone,” Upon meeting Lucy, who heals most of Luthor and Kara’s injuries. Lucy needs more parts to heal Luthor completely and Karma converses with Simon, Josh, and North about North’s plan to go to the Cyberlife Warehouse and Docks in Detroit. While Josh and Simon are hesitant about it, North is sure that it is the only way to help the dying androids. Karma looks at Alice, who is holding the still injured Luthor’s hand and has the choice to join them. If she doesn't join them then Luthor dies.
  15. Spare Parts: Karma is not the leader of the mission. When the group comes across a working security android called John. John is going to turn them in, and a panicked Karma touches him, asking him not to. John turns deviant and agrees to help. Karma flashes back to Luthor saying how that something happened when he touched her, he suddenly began to question what Zlatko was going and then remembers the androids that she released from the basement surrounding Zlatko and killing him. Karma realizes that she can turn androids into deviants with just her touch. Karma has a moment where she stares at her hands then has the choice to free the androids inside the bigger container. If she does, then North discovers her abilities. Karma comes back to Jerico and is hugged by Alice. North confronts Karma about her ability to turn android’s deviant. Karma explains that she doesn’t understand it herself. Josh says that with her abilities they might be able to change things for androids and make people finally realize that they are alive. Karma is unsure and Simon tells her that she doesn’t have to join the cause. Karma looks at Alice and then looks around at the suffering androids. Alice grabs her hand and says that if she can help then she should stay. Karma nods and says that she will help.
  16. A New Power (My Own idea for a chapter): After a series of tests with her powers, under the watchful eye of North, Simon, and Josh. Karma has a better understanding of her power. North says that with Karma on their side they can create an army and take the fight to the humans. Josh says that they don’t have to fight, he thinks that they should take a softer approach. Simon says that it’s up to Karma to decide what she wants to do next. Karma goes to see Luthor, who is watching a sleeping Alice. She discusses her abilities with him and questions what the right path is. Luthor thinks that they should leave Jerico and keep going to Canada. Karma says that she needs to think about it.
  17. The Stratford Tower: Everything on the mission is the same. When they return to Jerico, Karma goes to see Alice and Luthor. Luthor asks why she won’t let him join them on missions and Karma says that he has a more important mission, taking care of Alice. She reveals that he’s the only android that she trusts not to hurt Alice because Alice is a human (Alice is a human in this version.) Karma looks at Alice, who is chatting excitedly with Josh, and sees the sneer on North’s face before she catches Karma watching and looks away. Karma says that if anything ever happens to her, she hopes that Luthor will continue to take care of her. If Simon isn't with them (or if he died) Alice asks about Simon and Karma frowns.
  18. Capitol Park: The episode is mostly the same, except that when Karma frees android outside, some androids join the cause, others just continue behaving normally (showing that Karma isn’t just controlling the androids and that some androids are happy with the way things are.)
  19. Freedom March: Karma stands on a roof of an abandoned bar near Jericho and she plays the piano with Alice, while Luthor leans against the wall watching them. Alice is happy and says that she likes living in Jerico more than she liked living with her dad. Karma smiles at Alice and then notice North watching them. Luthor notices to and then takes Alice so they can talk in private. North asks her why she cares about Alice since she is human. Karma and North talk, leading to Karma and North sharing their memories. Karma understands why North hates humans now and North understands Karma’s relationship with Alice. The chapter plays out mostly the same and you still have a romance option with North (If you aren't already in a romance with Luthor)
  20. Crossroads: The beginning chapter plays out the same and if you didn't choose the Romance option with North, then, after Karma's meeting, only Simon remains. Karma confides her doubts with Simon and the two connect via their hands. Simon shares his history with her and lets her know that she has his support. (You have an option to have a romance with Simon at this point) After dealing with Connor, Karma decides to blow up Jerico and has to choose between finding Alice first or going for the bomb. If you choose Alice, once you find Alice, you can take her with you to get the bomb. If you were in a romance with North or Luthor, they are shot and injured. You have the option to refuse to let them die and tries to fend off the soldiers, buying time for Jericho to escape before it blows up. If you want your partner to live, make the decision to pretend to be dead, gesture for your partner to do the same. If you both survive, Karma begins to have flashes of her memories of Carl, finally remembering what she had been forced to forget.
  21. Night of the soul: If Carl is alive, Carl is glad to see Karma; he asks about Alice and Karma lets Carl know that she’s safe. He also lets you know that Todd went to rehab and has changed. The two talk. Karma asks him for advice and what to do, as Karma leaves, she passes Todd also heading to his father's grave and after pausing in shock at seeing the other. You have the choice to speak to him, or walk away without saying anything. If you choose to speak to him, he asks about Alice and tries to force you to give her back. You have the option to knock him out. Once Karma is at the abandoned church, Karma then goes to talk to Alice and Luthor. She apologizes to Alice, admitting that she was wrong in assuming she would be safe with Jericho. She has 3 choices: 1) She can tell Alice that Carl is alive and offer to take her to live with her grandfather. 2) She can suggest that Alice leave the city with Luthor and go to Canada. 3) She can keep Alice with her. If you pick option 1 or 2, Alice doesn’t want to leave, but Karma kneels before her and tells her that all she wants is for Alice to be safe. If you pick option 2, She shows Alice that she made an ID for her and Luthor. Luthor protests and Karma takes his hand, connecting with him. Luthor pulls away afterward and nods, taking the IDs and bus tickets. If you choose to keep Alice with you, she and Luthor die during the fight. Karma has the option to go with them to the bus station or to stay with the rebellion. If Karma chooses to make sure that they make it to the bus station, Karma says that she’s going to take them to the bus station and that after everything is over, she’ll come to find her in Canada. Alice finally agrees and then pleads with Karma to save their people (viewing the androids as a family) and after hesitating Karma gives a small smile and nods. Karma then walks to the stage and addresses all the androids in the church, announcing that the humans have decided to exterminate them. Karma then makes the final decision on whether to stage a peaceful demonstration.
  22. Alice Leaves Detroit: If you chose to go with Alice and Luthor, then the chapter plays out similar to the way it did in the original. You have the option to abandon the rebellion and run off to Canada with Alice and Luthor. If you and Luthor are in a relationship, you kiss him before he leaves.
  23. Battle For Detroit: Karma's revolution: The chapter plays out the same.
  24. Karma’s Demonstration: The chapter plays out.
  25. Credit Scenes: Karma and Luthor moving into an apartment together and raising Alice. If you were in a relationship with Simon or North and they survived the battle then they are also seen moving in with you.
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What do you think? Do you think this change would have worked? Do you think it would have been terrible? What else might have changed? How would you have merged Kara and Markus or do you prefer them separately?

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