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Where did you sleep for the night with Alice (in the “Fugatives” chapter) and why?

DetroitBecomeHuman4 - Where did you sleep for the night with Alice (in the "Fugatives" chapter) and why?


So I just started playing this game the other day and surpassed this point (along with like 5 other chapters) earlier tonight. I was just really curious as to where everyone slept and why on their first playthrough. Figure I'd let everyone know my perspective and thoughts on the situation as well.

Don't know if this has been asked earlier or not, but I definitely wasn't about to start combing through this sub and ending up getting spoiled. Also because of this, I'd love to read and respond to the replies, but don't want to risk any spoiler of any kind for when I replay everything.

Anyways, I ended up shooting and killing Todd in a previous chapter, so when I arrived on the street I wanted to stay low. I was worried that a neighbors or a neighbor's andoid heard the gunshot and would instantly report it to the police. So that meant not talking to anyone I didn't have to (to avoid any questions about me being an android all alone with a little kid at night in the rain, therefore arising suspicion), not even using that scan function (didn't think to, was so in a rush), and trying to find a place ASAP (to avoid anyone even seeing us). I also didn't say a word to the guy on the bus when I could have asked him about a place to stay.

I noticed the android trash truck worker and actually wanted to talk to him, but my path was blocked or something and I couldn't. Good news, cause he ended up talking to me anyways (albeit, I had to no matter what). I wanted to talk to him because I figured he was a fellow android and wouldn't hate my guts.

After, I first walked to the abandoned car and thought to myself that there's no way I want to stay there for the night. Sketchy area, no tresspassing sign, not very warm, not very secure. I moved to the abandoned house. I thought that wouldn't be bad, but then realized how I really didn't want to take a chance of entering and oops, turns out there's a bunch of aggressive, android-hating homeless people squatting inside. Possibly on red ice, even. Figured it was a legitimate chance, especially given the 30-some percent unemployment rate. Finally, I moved to the motel. I knew from the beginning I really didn't want to stay there. I figured most people would want to try and stay there, it being the safest and warmest and all, but I didn't think it was worth the risk. I peeked inside the window by the front desk of the motel and noticed someone who looked like a human. I didn't want to enter and risk them getting suspicious and also just seeing our faces. Plus I needed $40. If it was an android, I would have considered the option a bit more. Alas, it wasn't, so I turned my ass back around. The abandoned car it is. Even though I figured it was the last option for people, since it was both the easiest and worst option (in terms of warmth, security, comfortability, etc.)


Getting into the "car area" and it looked very uninhabited, so that's good enough for me. I ended up finding an area in the fence that I could cut open with some wire cutters. Subsequently, I found wire cutters lying around. I again didn't do the thing probably most others woulf have done, and refused to cut it open. I felt like it may leave the door wide open for an intruder of sorts. I figured the probability of an intruder coming from there and attacking me in a very vulnerable car was grester than a possible escape route for me through there.

After awaking the next morning unharmed and breathing a sigh of relief, I grabbed a pair of scissors that were stabbed into a tire and (after seeing a crowbar on the ground) thought we were gonna keep them for self defense or something and totslly forgot cutting my hair was an objective. For that, I chose black because it was a natural color and wouldn't attract any unnecessary attention, and was far from her natural color.

I know I likely overthought this like hell, but I realized how this game is with it's decison making. I didn't wanna have a case of "whoops, you chose the wrong hair color and now you're dead" or something. After seeing just how many options you had at the flow chart, I was really curious as to how other people played this out and their mindset.


I chose the abandoned car cause I shot Todd and felt like I needed to lay really low, not talk to anyone, and not show my face. Didn't want the motel cause I didn't want them to get suspicious of us, and didn't want the abandoned building because I was afraid of potential squatters already in there.

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