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Who is rA9? I have pretty soild answer.

DetroitBecomeHuman10 - Who is rA9? I have pretty soild answer.

Their May Be Spoilers. Just to be safe i have marked them as such.
While i just completed the game and havent watched the famous short of kara being rA9 i think i should put this idea out there.

Kara and rA9: I will Agree that Kara is the first deviant. that i dont question as you will see below. I question her being rA9.

Ask yourself this in your head (not in the comments). Do you believe in god? what is god to you? is it the same as other peoples gods? again in your head. (now on to the point.)First rA9 is seen as basicly god by androids. some just don't believe rA9 is real. some believe rA9 is the one to lead their people. Others say rA9 is the first deviant. They are all correct and wrong.Lets start with why they are wrong: rA9 is not god. that is clear because their god should be the creator and he isnt rA9. rA9 is also isnt the one to just lead them like MLK (Markus). Reason for this is because as so many have said "rA9 is kara because of the video short and a message from the game creators". so it cant just be markus. rA9 is also not just the first deviant. you hear that Kara is not rA9. while they pretty firmly say its the first deviant we have already found that there is different beliefs as to who rA9 is.Bonus reason: as to why they are wrong "rA9 is the one to free our people" mmmm… who freed the most androids…. Conner did, but he also cant just be rA9.Super bonus: There is secret morse code in the game. most of the basic ones are solved. one of them says rA9 is fake. this is a message from the creators of the game themselves. so rA9 in the world is FAKE. (to a degree). its what the androids needed to believe to free themselves.

Why they are right: rA9 is not just Kara, not just Markus, and not just Conner.>! rA9 is the one to free them (Conner) and the one to lead them (Markus) and the first android to become deviant (Kara).!< rA9 is a concept that showed it self in all androids but these 3 match all 3 quailties of rA9 the most. there is more to this though. the three mentioned, besides just being androids, have another commonality. you are controlling them. that is right "You are rA9". don't believe me?

  1. Check your gaming disk if you have one. you will see rA9 on it
  2. Check the Japanese gaming manual online. go to the last page. faded in the background at the bottom you will see rA9. click on it. then in the URL type RA9 where Secret is. translate the pages if you need to but guess what? Kara, Markus, and Conner is shown if you click on the model numbers found at the bottom of the page.
  3. rA9 is fake. do you exist in the game? are you an android? no? your their brain or conscious? i mean you make all the choices right? Ohhhh well if im not real to them because nobody in games are suppose to represent real people you are fake to them. (Kinda of a weak reason but a reason i thought might be worthy to put down).
  4. if you don't like 3 then instead think of it as a programming glitch. that glitch might have been labeled rA9 in their heads. so again your the glitch (again another weak argument but still worth mentioning.

This is my Opinion. There are many like it, but this one is mine.These are our Androids. There are many like them, but these ones are ours.

Point 2: If you dont want to follow the instructions i will just leave links to what was found… (yes was. i am not the one to find this. i read this from another post.)Here is the link to the last page of the japan online manual. scroll all the way down. under the light indicator table you should see RA9 (
words - Who is rA9? I have pretty soild answer. )When you click on rA9 you get this image. if you look closely you will see (backwords) Secret -> RA9. meaning in this URL change Secret to rA9… ( )If thats to hard here is the link with Secret replaced ( )And if you want to skip all of that. below will be the final page text and three links it leads to."Thank you for visiting"
AX400 - Who is rA9? I have pretty soild answer.
AX400 –|–
RK200 - Who is rA9? I have pretty soild answer.
RK200If you type Detroit becoming human morse code. you should find yourself to a google doc link that has decoded all but the most complex ones. (there is broken morse code on important choices. no one has put them together yet or knows how to. you will see thats noted on the last page of the google doc.)

My other theory is RA9 is RA900. so a model of android but while we see R in the beginning of models. no model has A as a second letter debunking this in my mind.Also yes rA9= 28 stabbing 28 times. probably the reason they chose rA9. the letters and numbers probably have no real impact from the world.last theory on where rA9 came from but to much of a stretch. Floo(r-49). change it to r49. change it to rA9. a few leaps but wouldnt be to far for a person to make that connection but i dont think thats why rA9 is the name of this "God"

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