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Would you be okay with a sequel if it meant one ending becoming ‘canon’?

DetroitBecomeHuman5 - Would you be okay with a sequel if it meant one ending becoming 'canon'?

I personally would love for DBH to get a sequel. If I'm not mistaken, I'm not alone in this. However there is one major problem with a sequel: the game has multiple endings. Making a sequel that caters to all endings is not financially feasible. If there ever comes a sequel, it would have to make one ending 'canon'. Or at least for that sequel.

So that brings me to my question: Would you be okay with a sequel if it meant one ending becoming 'canon'? Canon being a bit of a loose word here.

(General spoiler warnings ahead) Personally I'm not very hung-up about what is canon and what isn't. I only have a wishlist, like more Hank & Connor stuff (could go a wide range, I believe you can spare Hank as a machine Connor, so how would Hank respond to that?, Connor's deviancy is never really 'discussed', DO THEY BECOME FAMILY? yadda yadda, that sorta stuff), figuring out what the heck happens after Markus' revolution or demonstration (How do the androids respond to their newfound freedom? What happens if they were all killed?). Kara seems like one I don't think has any story left (either she dies or she crosses the border IIRC), maybe one where she decides to come back to the US after a peaceful revolution, but eh. I also don't think that it would 'erase' the other endings, in my opinion I would see it more as an expansion to one of them. I think it's comparable to all the missions that can happen after one of the three protagonists dies permanently.

As a side note, as much as I REALLY REALLY REALLY want it to, I don't think a sequel is likely to happen, as QD has never made a sequel before and has done so on purpose. In DBH's case it wasn't ruled out completely, but as they mentioned they don't want it to be a cash grab, they need a good idea or story to work with. When I really think about it, there's not much story left to tell. So this is mostly just a little thought experiment.

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