Trying to learn, lots of questions

dragon2 - Trying to learn, lots of questions

I've been playing this a little bit the past few days, and it's fun in a challenging sort of way. However, some of the other characters I run into are just ridiculously tanky, and I can't find much detailed guidance on how to reach that point so my questions are piling up. I see people, sometimes with no guard/shield, just tanking hits and losing almost no health, often recovering that health just as fast.

I'm using Drakescale armor all around. My Silent Sister is using Rebound+Dragon, with Rebound in main hand for what feels like a better attack pattern. Feels pretty solid.

My Arcane Warrior is wrecking house using Heart of Pride which I absolutely adore, but it has zero healing and that's become a bit of a sticking point since light armor upgrades don't appear to have any heal either, leaving only rings. My next best staff is Mindchill with about 20 less base damage. My life drain rings are white (2%). If you were in my shoes, would you use life drain ring(s) or just do what I'm doing and say screw it I don't need healing? I'm using attack+5% and spirit blade+30% rings right now. I can mostly keep shield up to soak any damage I take (including Perilous which I can almost solo), but from time to time my shield drops due to evasive/blocking bastards or whatnot, and any life I lose is lost until I potion or hit the next zone. Also going 1v1 against single targets where I can't use lightning to boost my shield becomes a "kill them before they kill me" deal and I often come out with a little bit of life lost.


My Katari is using Greatsword of the Dragon, but I recently acquired Maul of the Dragon and even though its not AoE it seems like it might have more potential? (Probably with upgrades that boost attack and crit chance since the base piece has 11% heal already?) I'm just nervous to make the switch since crafting upgrades will burn precious tier 3 mats. I'm also not super attached to Katari, but I need constitution and he seems solid.

I only have about 20 of each stat so far (con/will/cun). Is that the big difference between me and the super tanky characters I see? Do they all just have hundreds of points of each and a massive health pool that makes me look like an ant? I'm able to do Threatening pretty easily, and sometimes Perilous by just constantly generating guard/shield to keep myself alive from stray hits taking half my life, but I get one-shotted in Nightmare when something looks at me funny from across the map.

Bonus question: Do blue/purple amulets exist? I'm rocking purple belts, blue rings, and my amulet collection is literally just 5 whites.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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