10 game review of FUTmas Gomez

FIFA19 8 - 10 game review of FUTmas Gomez

DISCLAIMER: 10 games is not much of a sample size, but since the SBC is only around for a day, this is better than nothing.

Used him in this team with a deadeye chemstyle:

Played 10 games so far, all in Div 3 Rivals (~2000 rating) and he's got 10 goals/9 assists

Previously had IF Mertens in his place and did a straight swap. He feels slightly better so far than Mertens did, a little quicker and a slightly better shot, with quite a bit better passing. Plays off Belotti well and slots in balls behind to cuadrado and perisic

PACE: He's incredibly quick off the mark and can get in behind at will. Obviously once he's on the ball he'll get caught, it is FIFA 19 after all, but off the ball he's rapid.

SHOOTING: He's got an absolute cannon. Finesses from either foot, low drivens, power shots, everything flies in. Only issue is that he seems to be affected quite heavily by a opponent jostling him while shooting, so it's best to try to create space before shooting.

PASSING: Very good at passing, one of the biggest improvements I'd noticed over Mertens. Great at slotting in Cuadrado behind the defense or playing one-twos with Belotti.


DRIBBLING: The highlight of the card by far. One of the quickest dribblers I've used or seen used this FIFA. He can turn on a dime and twist and turn fast as fu*k. One of the best ways to get away from defenders because lord knows you wont be able to shrug them off

DEFENSE: I had him on Stay Forward and Conservative Interceptions (to save stamina), so he really didn't help the defense at all. One benefit of his Medium defensive workrate is that he drops just a bit further back so he'll be open for a ball from your defenders to start the attack. Mertens chilled right by the opposition CBs a bit too much for my liking.

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PHYSICAL: If someone touches you and you can't get a good dribble move away, you're losing the ball. He's incredibly weak, so his only method of keeping the ball is to twist away instead of shrugging off. Stamina wasn't much of an issue as long as you have conservative interceptions on, but even then he was the most tired of my players by the end of the game. He should be fine for 90, but you might want to have a reserve CAM in case of extra time.

TL;DR: If you like Mertens you'll love him, he's slightly better in most ways. Considering how easy coins are to get in this year's fifa, the ~45k difference is about worth it.

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