12 League SBCs will have a third reward player released this week. A look at who they could be.

FIFA19 1 - 12 League SBCs will have a third reward player released this week. A look at who they could be.


As part of the Winter Refresh EA are updating the League SBC adding an extra player to the completion reward of each and every one.

So far they've added Lanzini (ENG1), Fer (ENG2), Carrasco (CSL), Delaney (GER), Alessandrini (MLS) and Haps (HOL).

Using these 6 updated League SBC's as templates, it seems EA are following a few 'rules' when selecting the players.

  1. No club gets two players as rewards.
  • This one is self-explanatory. Boca got two, but I doubt they're doing it again apart from maybe in Scotland.
  1. Decent links to popular players.
  • That green link to FB Zlatan

  • A wealth of Dutch links to the icons and to popular FFS players like De Ligt and De Jong

  • Lanzini is a green link to the rather large amount of West Ham players obtained through SBCs or a monster like OTW Felipe Anderson.

  • Carrasco and Delaney both links to Axel Witsel, and were released just as he got upgraded. Witsel, Delaney and Reus can form a scary midfield trio.

(3. Positional diversity)

  • This one is probably a tiebreaker at best for EA. Links and different clubs are more important, but they were never going to throw 3 central midfielders from CSL out, and they're probably not going to add a third striker from the Saudi league. (Yeah, I know that's a dream crusher)
  1. No keepers.
  • Yet. I still have nightmares of SBC Casillas from last year. Let's hope we steer clear of keepers.

So what players could it be?

I know you guys are used to FIFA YouTubers clickbaiting, so I'm going to do the same and save the best for last.

Scottish Premiership

As per rule 1, Rangers and Celtic are out, which eliminates every single gold player in the league. It's hard to say what they are going to do. The most desirable link in the Scottish League is 84 Tierney, who's a very decent left back.

So an educated guess would be a player like Graeme Shinnie from Aberdeen, who gets the green link and already has great physical stats for a silver CDM. An outsider could be an English player to link with a potential FB Defoe.

Seeing as they've used to Boca players already in Argentina, this might be another exception to rule 1, though.

Saudi Professional League

Gomis and Musa eliminiates Al Nassr and Al Hilal, so there's not going to any for the two highest players in the league, Giovinco and Guiliano. Al Ahli have been omitted and have a few gold players. Most of which are terribly uninteresting. Of these Souza, a 79 rated Brazilian CDM with 84 PHY and okay pace is probably the most likely bet. Especially as Al Ahmady is wholly unlinkable and they've already done two strikers.

Super Lig

Unlinkable Egyptian Trezeguet and Unlinkable Morocan Belhanda need a partner. Galatasaray and Kasimpasa are out as a result of these two.

This leaves club like Besiktas and Fenerbache who might get a look in. Especially Besiktas as they have 85 OTW Kagawa and 86 IF Quaresma alongside Pepe before he went to Porto. He could get a partner in World Cup hero Domagoj Vida, while an upgraded Adam Ljajic could also be a decent card. None of these are very linkable, though. Unlike Fenerbache's Mathieu Valbuena or Roberto Soldado. Besiktas left back Adriano is also in with a shot.

Meijo Yasuda J1

Lu-lu-lu Lukas Podolski and Jo got in the first round of rewards. So if you were dreaming of David Villa (Vissel Kobe) you'll have to wait for his flashback SBC.

Even though FUTmas Iniesta exists, people might have a hard time linking Torres. I think they could try to give him an "Alessandri" through Osmar a 71 rated Spanish CDM with 86 physical. Another likely option is his 72-rated striker partner in Satan Tofu, FIFA Legend Victor Ibarbo, who I'd probably put good money on being the third player.

Hyundai A-League

Who cares? Probably Siem De Jong or Diego Castro. Stop asking!


It's not going to be 3 players from Boca, but FB Tevez might still be the one in EA's mind when they try to decide on the third player. With Zarate and Pavon the top players in the SAF are quite attacking. So it's unlikely to be another striker or right winger. Most likely option seems to be a central midfielder or a left sided player. Enzo Perez or Juan Quintero could be decent shouts here. Centurion and Acosta could also both make for decent left wingers.

Pro League


When I started doing this write-up, I didn't know there would be this many 'boring' Leagues. A good bet here is unlinkable 5star4star Yannick Bolasie from Anderlecht to get an upgrade, but there's a bunch of mediocre gold cards who could get a nice card and good links with and upgrade.

Liga Bancomer MX

Two Colombian strikers in the last batch alongside POTY Gignac, makes a fourth striker rather unlikely. Two of these three are from Tigres, so they probably not likely to get a third either.

There's a few decent Mexican cards out there in Lozano, FB Chicharito, League SBC Herrera etc. so it's probably likely you'll see another Mexican player enter the fray. Layun would be favorite if Monterrey hadn't already had Hurtado as rewards in the first batch of players. Maybe Javier Aquino because (insert reasonable argument and poor joke here).

Liga NOS

Could Pepe's linkage to FFS Eder Miliato, FB Casillas and Alex Telles be enough to make EA give Porto another reward card. Probably not. Benfica and Porto got the first two, so if EA don't want to get beaten up in their own training ground, they'll probably give one to Sporting. Bas Dost already have a Halloween card and Fernandes have an 85-rated inform. Maybe Coates who's a well known player and an interesting link to guys like FUTmas Torreira and Godin as well as the other great defensive cards Liga NOS has. Alternatively the league does not have a single striker with both good pace and dribbling, so maybe Montero, Ruiz or Diaby from Sporting could get lucky.

Ligue 1

PSG didn't get one the first time around, so they might be due. Rabiot is a decent link to both the three PSG frontmen as well as FFS Aouar and Ndombele. It's likely that EA will deem that PSG have more than enough Special Cards and that there's plenty of good French midfielders.

The League is in desperate need of good left back below 300k, so Bernat or Barreca (Edit: Plays for Newcastle now) are in with a shout. It's not like Monaco is going to get special cards through playing good football, right? This SBC could also be a chance for fan favorite Areola, and knowing EA maybe a 4th 86 rated Fekir to please the masses. Ligue 1 is currently Neymar or bust at LW, so well-rounded 4star4star Nacer Chadli could also be an option.

Serie A

Hands up, those of you who liked the 65 pace striker from the first batch? No-one? Well, at least Skriniar was decent.

This is a chance to finally give Piatek a proper super-card. But I think that one is unlikely. Milan, Lazio, Juventus and Napoli are the most likely recipients of the player with Atalanta as an outsider for a link to their Argentinians. Alex Sandro's is the only truly great left back so Ghoulam and Ricardo Rodriguez could be good shouts. I doubt they're going to release another defender, so they might continue upgrading Juve CMs for Ronaldo, and give Emre Can a whirl.

A usable player who's not gotten much love this FIFA is Dries Mertens, with the nice link to SBC Hamsik and then there's the wet dream for Empoli, Frosinone and Parma investors. Dybala or Alex Sandro

La Liga

Is Barcelona or Atletico getting one? In the PL League SBC they've given love to the smaller teams, and they could do the same here, considering they've already dished out to Celta and Girona-underdogs Real Madrid. Also, every Barcelona player basically have an upgraded card already. Maybe Umtiti or Roberto/Semedo, but I wouldn't count on it.

For Atletico you could complete the Oblak/HL Hernandez/Godin/FB Juanfran defense with a nice Filipe Luis, who's also a nice green link to Halloween Koke. Their central midfielders have one upgrade between them this season, so it could also be Saul, Partey or Rodri. The lack of right mids in La Liga could give a go to Angel Correa or Joaquin. As it's expensive to make, they're probably going to go for a bit more high-end player like Casemiro or Aspas were. I think he's going to be upwards of 90 rated as well, so by your Huesca's and you Valladolidians.


What more do you want from me? Fuck off.

But please to come back and laugh at me, when I don't get a single one.

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