2512 Formation – Why I do not refer to it as 41212 narrow (+fullback heatmap)

FIFA19 6 - 2512 Formation - Why I do not refer to it as 41212 narrow (+fullback heatmap)

I originally wrote this as a reply to u/COD4IW and his currently trending post ( but I feel like I should put this in its own thread, since there have been multiple people being confused or even literally angry at me over this detail.

This debate started after my original post a few weeks ago describing a system of specific player types, custom tactics and player instructions, which lead me to enjoy the game a lot more. ( The name of the system has caused some controversy.

Why refer to it as 2512?

I wanted to point out how overlapping fullbacks work in narrow formations vs wide formations. In narrow formations overlapping fullbacks with low defensive workrates, paired with custom tactics on very high depth, are barely ever part of the back four. You can actually see this on the heatmaps of fullbacks in my 2521 system: (heatmap at top right corner)

As you can see most of my fullbacks dark squares are in the opponents half. These are the positions he mostly occupies in open play, while the dark squares in the own half are mostly from opponents goal kicks and corners.


In Germany we have this term "Realtaktische Aufstellung" which would translate to real tactical lineup (RTL). I dont know how popular this is in British football, but from the outrage I received after calling my system 2512 I assume its not very well known. You receive the RTL by averaging the position of a player on the pitch during a match. According to Davies heat map his average position would be on the left side about three quarters up the pitch – a position where a left mid or left winger usually finds himself.

I arrived at the term 2512 after roughly averaging the positions of all 10 outfield players according to their heatmaps of my first few games with the system. I always received a similiar picture with only two players being more in their own half- the two CBs. So I concluded that the best way to describe my system would be 2512.

Yet again I dont know how common this approach is in British Football, but in Germany its done very often during TV broadcasts of important games. My theory is that in the UK people are still used to looking at the classical 442 and 433 formations, which resulted in this debate.

Hope this helped people understand my ideas a little bit more, happy to hear other opinions etc.


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