3-5-2 is so underrated!

FIFA19 6 - 3-5-2 is so underrated!

Right so I used this formation at the start of this fifa and enjoyed it but due to not really understanding the game it didn't shine all that much. Then because of all the standard 4231 posts I have been using that since and that was my go to in fifa 17 and 18 where I hit elite 3 every week with the occasional elite 2 and 1 if I had a good weekend. This fifa has pushed me to the edge already even with using a disgustingly boring META team 4231 with courtois, SBC juanfran, Ramos, varane, alba, pogba and kante CDM, mbappe, neymar and POTM hazard across the CAMS and then IF Ben yedder up top. Don't get me wrong I got elite with this team but also hated the game, it's boring and tedious so last week I decided I'm going to stop taking it so seriously and try the 352 again to add attacking options and just have some fun. Now I'm still using the same player (boring META I know) but in a 352 I'm using Ramos, Red Godin and varane at the back, Kante and SBC juanfran at CDM, hazard and 86 Anderson out wide, neymar CAM and yedder with mbappe up top, sounds boring right? Wrong…. playing this formation feels so fun, I can tiki taka as I have so many options and sprint into space on the wings up my opponent drags his team across to one side, defensively it's strong with the two CMs being kante and juanfran then obviously the back 3 is pretty filthy, I'm enjoying the game again and I've gone back up from 2100 Skill rating to 2272. I'm managing to use a 3 at the back in div 2 and stomp 4231 teams, the last game I played the guy actually switched at half time to copy my formation as I was dominating so much! If anyone is struggling and not enjoying the game and just fancies a change then try it, you won't regret it.

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Tactics as people have asked:

Defensive: Pressure after possession loss 4 5

Attacking: Balanced 5 4 3 3

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