4222 revisited – An elite players guide

FIFA19 1 - 4222 revisited - An elite players guide

Hi all, earlier on this year I posted a guide to the 4222 just after the timed finesse nerf. The game has evolved since then, and being my main go-to formation, my custom tactics and instructions have evolved with it.

The frame-work is still pretty much the same. Saying that, though, I will detail the changes that I have made that have me at the sweet-spot I feel I am currently at, in regards to 4222.

Again, let me preface this by saying that I am no pro-player. I am no expert. I play for fun, and spend my energy trying to exploit and beat-up on those that kill my fun with their boring and mundane exploitation of broken mechanics.

This is my previous guide for reference:

Some things remain the same, including player types that I chose to use, but where it differs now is the tactics and instructions.

My current set up is as follows:


With the 4222 I still play a fast build-up style that attempts to smother my opponent. I believe that's the best way to utilise this formation. If you're looking for a more possession orientated game, 4222 might not be for you. Actually, let me correct myself. . it might be, but not with the tactics I suggest.


Defensive Style: Press after possession loss

Width: 6

Depth: 7


Offensive Style: Balanced

Width: 4

Players in the box: 5

Corners: 3

Free Kicks: 2

As you can see, I play a high pressing defensive style. I hate my opponent having the ball and my aim is to retrieve it as high up the pitch as I possibly can. The quicker I get the ball back and blitz him on attack, the less time he has to set his defensive drop back shape – which 90% of the players you face utilise. Not much has changed with the actual defensive tactics. I've just slightly bumped up the depth and increased the width a bit. You probably won't notice much difference. The biggest difference, though, is removing Fast Build up on attack. While nice, I find that I prefer using balanced as it gives me more options and I'm not as susceptible to counter attack when I inevitably fuck up and throw a stray pass out there.


Strikers: Stay Forward, everything else on balanced

  • I used to have the on Get In Behind, but lately I've taken this off as I feel like I need my players to show for the ball more; especially vs. drop back players. If I want them to get in behind, I'll manually trigger the run with L1 and the analog stick. Because I'm now using Balanced in my attacking offensive style, and not using get in behind, the gap where your typical CCAM would be is reduced because my strikers now help to occupy this spot. I considered false 9 for a while, but I felt my striker just dropped too deep. It was just a poorer version of the 4231.

CAM's: All balanced

  • I don't touch these instructions. If you have CAMs with poor STA you can consider using conservative interceptions to help reduce the STA expenditure. That's about all I can suggest here.

  • If you have CAM that are decent in the air, and enjoy crossing the ball, you can consider adding the instruction "Get in the box for crosses". I've not tried this, as I rarely cross, but it's an option.

CDM's: 1x Stay back while attacking. 1x Balanced. Both Cover Centre.

  • Same as previous 4222 guide. I like to have my best attacking CDM on balanced as he helps in build up play, while the other shields the back 4.

  • I use cover centre as my full-backs are on stay back while attacking, so I don't need them to drift wide.

Defenders: LB/RB Stay back while attacking. CB all default.

  • Same as usual here. LB/RB on stay back. I do not need them on attack; I have more than enough offensive firepower and width.


Exact same as previous guide. Reference that for more info.

As you can see, not too much has changed from the previous guide. Only minor adjustments made on defence, but the removal of fast build-up is a significant change.

Hopefully this small update will provide some benefit for users of my previous 4222 guide.

Also see the following:

For a link to all of my formation guides that I have played, and used, to a decent'ish level.

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