442 Brexit football Guide – How to Bully Your Way Up to Div 1!

FIFA19 6 - 442 Brexit football Guide - How to Bully Your Way Up to Div 1!

Are you already bored of scoring all your goals from OP first time 180 shots from the edge of the box? Well look no further I'm here with yet another Meta-Breaking FIFA guide for you virgins to dig your eyes into.

We're going to cover all topics on how to make the most traditional 'English style' team someones ever seen. In other words, Brexit means BREXIT. For the entirety of this post you must refer to it at FOOTBALL, even as an american.

Step 1 – The Club

If you're playing fut, start a new club. Brexit players aren't very expensive at all. Name your clubs something along the lines of 'English Defensive League (EDL)', or 'Smash it up 2 llorente'. Anything to show who's side your on. Make sure you pick a team badge and kit along the lines of Burnley or Stoke City. Show your opponent what side of the fence you're on. Along this line you want the most garbage Sunday league stadium you can find. Remind your hot shot prem players where they came from. Edit: Almost forgot. Get yourself a manager! Dyche, Hodgson, Pulis, Mourinho all work out fine in the system.

Step 2 – The Team

You wanna shoot for as many Big, Fat, or Bald cunts you can get in your squad. Bonus points if their white (no racism intended). Just sign thugs that look like they know how to lay in a proper leg snapping challenge Sunday mornings out at the local field.

Your best player/captian should be your targetman. This is a MUST. Preferably 2 is better but its personal preference. They're the most important players on the pitch. Look for a striker along the lines of Peter Crouch, Andy Carrol, Tom Pope, ect… Someone who'll be wearing that Brexit badge with pride. Next signing you should be making is the mandatory Lee Cattermole in the midfield. Nothing says brexit more than this lad. On the sides you want nothing but pace and crossing. And in the backline ensure yourself some experience. Ide recommend Shawcross to help lay in some leg snappers and long balls for you

Step 3 – The Tactic


Now you got your pub team ready, I'll run down the basics for you. 442 EVERY DAY. It's been proven the best formation ever for thousands of years. The name of the game is to smash the ball up to the targetmen all game long. You can either run 2 targetman (stay central/targetman) or 1 and another ST (stay central/get in behind). If you decide to go this modern style ide recommend a secondary striker along the lines of Wayne Rooney, Jermain Defoe, or Vardy. This persons job is to take down knock ons and bash em in.

Now heres how the game goes. Simple but effective. If the ball is on ANY defender, its an instant Long ball to the targetman, from which he will knock it down to his striker partner to turn into an attack. If the ball is at the CM's, play whatever way you want (route 1 if you're a real man). And if the ball happens to fall to the wingers. You stick to running that down the line and bombarding it into the box. No questions asked. If the ball dear touches a wingers leg it must result in a cross. This attack is not just effective, it's diverse (something this FIFA lacks). Teams will have no idea how to stop you.

Now on defense there is simply no rules. Stay behind the ball and make sure you challenge it EVERY single time. This is where your midfield tank comes into play (lee cattermole) and runs right into your opponents legs. Win the ball back no matter how many fouls you get and smash it right up to the big man. Rinse and repeat until you have the lead. When you do get the leed keep playing until the last 20 minutes or so, which at that point you should just hoof the ball into the opponents corner constantly.

CT: I just have drop back with 2/3 depth. And have long wall with full width.

Instructions: I mentioned before the ST's. CM's stay back on edge. LM/RM just stay wide. And every player on aggressive interceptions. It'll help with the tackling.

Variations of this tactic have proven to demolish tiki-taka teams every single time. Just like both of this years champion league semi finals

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Here's my team for reference

This was just a quick guide that I might revamp and critique but I hope you enjoy and UP THE BREXIT

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