5 game mini review of goretzka

FIFA19 9 - 5 game mini review of goretzka

Sup all,

Like many of you, I wanted to complete goretzka this morning after the bundesliga TOTS. Using a lot of untradeables, I was able to complete him for like 60k or so (all the Trapps were harmed in this process).

For note:

I am a consistent Gold 1/Gold 2 player who is now 2100+ pts in Div 1.

Before I get into the review of the stats, here is my TL;DR

This card is by far the best b2b CM in the game for anyone who plays with formations that need a b2b CM (I play exclusively in 4-1-2-1-2 narrow, as its the one where i feel the most creative and is the most fun). Goretzka plays left CM for me, with the CM-CDM tandem of goretzka->kimmich->ballack (ballack is my CDM).

I rate Goretzka 10/10 as a B2B midfielder with engine chemstyle. He is absolute value for money (620k on futbin), and would be close to 1mil+ if he was on the market for sure.

instructions are all default in the formation, but i play with pressure on heavy touch, 4 depth, 5 width, balanced offense.

Now on to the stats:

Pace: not the fastest motherfucker on the field, but if there is somewhere he wants to be, he will get there extremely fast. For a CM who is running all over the field, the fact that he is both in my box defending, and then is able to run all the way back to my opponents box only to score a sick goal (from a fucking CM position, not even CAM or Striker, he has 8 goal contributions, with 4 goals and 4 assists, in 5 games. That's fucking nuts) is incredible for me, and coupled with kimmich beside him who is able to cover him and ballack who has the back, i feel like i have the best defensive/offensive midfield in the game, bar OP Vieira and OP Gullit or any of the TOTYs.

9.5/10 – not the fastest on the pitch, but he is sure as hell going to be where he needs to be at all times.

Shooting: He scores. a lot. If he is in front of the goal, shit, if he gets a through ball (cuz he is so speedy he just runs by defenders) just press b and shoot. An incredible first time touch, and an incredible shot means he is such a threat that if your opponent is marking my strikers (for me, OP henry and TOTS jovic), hell have an avenue to score… a lot. With his high attack positioning (92) and great shot power, long shots, and finishing (92, 93, and 86 respectively), this man will score a lot. and like I mentioned before, if someone is covering my strikers, they will never expect the great Goretzka to fuck shit up. For comparison's sake, he has better shooting stats then ST rashford (any of the 88 versions), with better shooting stats all around save for penalties.

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However, at this stage, don't expect him to score everything- he isn't a striker for a reason. He is mega reliable though, and that's all i ask for a B2b midfielder.

9.0/10 – incredible shooting for a midfielder.

Passing: This man has a touch of heaven. However, he does have bad passes every now and then (then again, who doesn't in this game- shit even my OP socrates with like 90+ passing fucks up every now and then). He (and kimmich) are the best avenues from the back to the front, and I rely on him so much to get the ball out to my strikers. He isn't as good a passer as kimmich though, and he does tend to fail in some situations for passing. Still, super reliable and exactly what i need from a b2b CM.


8.9/10 – great passing, but can mess up every now and then.

Dribbling: Like above, this man has a touch of heaven. With an engine chemstyle, his 90 dribbling goes to a 97, with increases in agi, balance, reactions, ball control, and dribbling. And MAN do you feel it. His first touch is amazing, his passing is amazing, and coupled with his 88 composure (which is amazing), even if there are 5 people around him, he will still shoot and pass the ball with composure. For me, this incredible stat makes goretzka what he is- an incredible midfielder. Oh, and did I mention that goretzka's close ball control is so amazing, that just utilizing ball rolls, body feints, and roulettes, I was able to dribble into the box and pass to jovic for a score. God damn. If anything, this stat dictates all the other stats (IMO of course), so the fact it is THIS good makes this card incredible for me.

10/10 – the best b2b CM dribbler for me. The ball is kept close, and with his great composure, he rarely, if ever, fucks his passing up.

Defending: What more can be said? this card feels incredible. Because of his pace, plus his physical, plus his size, plus his composure and reactions, this card feels like a freight train ready to take anyone down as a defender. He contains incredible well as a CM, and while his marking isn't great (causing my CBs to do overtime), its still good enough to defend amazing. However, what stands out for me is how he feels as a defender – he feels like a wall, designed to defend against all who come against the goal, and as a b2b CM, who is expected to feel like an all-arounder, this stat still encompasses just how good he is.

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9.2/10 – still an incredible defender, and feels like he adds something to the defense rather than just be a block int he road.

Physical: I've said it many times before, but he feels strong, and he can run for literally forever. with his high aggression, even though he is not the strongest, his high aggression stat means he will fight for the ball as much as he can. As someone who I expect to do the most work on my team, he fills that spot perfectly. He also just feels so strong in game, so for me, he plays above his physical stats.

9.5/10 – just feels so strong

Positioning: He's all over the pitch. However, there are times where he is a BIT out of position, but thats because of his high/high workrates. However, due to a combination of pace and dribbling, he usually finds his way to the right position super fast.

10/10 – everywhere

So, in case you guys are on the fence, here is my thoughts and opinions on a 5 game mini review of goretzka before weekend league (and like i mentioned, this is in div 1 2100 pts).

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