541 guide time to join the dark side

FIFA19 9 - 541 guide time to join the dark side


This guide is not for those looking to troll or annoy but for those desperate to win and set a personal best rivals div or fut champs rank.

This is not fun to play but is extraordinarily effective.

This system relies on crosses, setpieces, counterattack and general physical superiority over your opponent so they have no room to attack and no means to catch up you your counter/ out head your set piece. The main scoring technique is to break down the wing and cross to striker or other winger or from set pieces.

Here are the instructions and ideal players

CBS default Vvd,varane,Ramos ,fb Luiz, rio, maldini, Blanc , militao

Tall quick strong relatively agile, high jumping

Wingbacks stayback Adjust using quick tactics to attacking fullbacks when going for a goal

Quick good jumping defending crossing agile

Marcelo, mendy, walker, cancelo, Sandro, lala

Mids stayback/cover center

Tall strong relatively quick good in air, can defend a bit Gullit, Vieira, Ballack, Blanc, Gerrard, Goretza, Pogba, Fabinho, bentacur, Guendouzi, kdb, aouar

Rm/lm comeback on defence get in behind

Fast, good dribbler high jumping, over 4 star skills can shoot

Bale, mbappe, best, r10, Henry Stoihkov, Nedved, perisic, cuadrado, Salah,

St stay central get in behind

Tall quick amazing in air can pass can dribble really good finisher,

Zlatan, Cr7, auba, Raul, Werner


Depth 3 Width 3 Drop back

Anything deeper you can succumb to constant pressure and your team won’t be spaced out well enough for counters.


Width due to having 5 defenders we can set our width more narrow than a 4 back without being exploited in the wings however anything less than 3 and you can be stretched out.

Fast Build up

5 width 3 get into box

When going for a goal use the quick tactic get into box and hug touchline, the latter is defensive it allows the out side cbs to cover the space were the fullbacks were on the default tactics.

Want more width in attack to break quickly down the wings after making opponent over commit their fullbacks.

Corners 3 Near post is op, as it is and with the suggested players you should have at least 3 aerially dominant players in the box to go for this, or another area of the box if the opponent covers, also keeps enough back to avoid counters

If ahead in a tight game against a good defender I suggest to take a short corner and hold possession.

Free kicks 3 same idea as corners

No attacking system has the numbers to overwhelm this soupy should concede very few goals with this system.

However if behind before changing system go on team press, hug touchline, attacking fullbacks and get into box

Mirror match hold the ball deep and draw the opponent out then when space opens up usually down the wing play into it and attack wide and look to lob cross or eltornado cross, or set up a cut back to score, or win a corner.

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