86 POTY Gignac Review: You press, I score

FIFA19 10 - 86 POTY Gignac Review: You press, I score

Let's discuss Liga MX POTY André-Pierre Gignac, shall we?

Team used:

Formation switched it looks like this:

General Info

Skill Moves: ★★★

Weak Foot: ★★★

Foot: Right

Height: 187cm | 6'2"

Def. WR: Medium

Att. WR: Medium

Marquee Stats: 94 Strength, 90 Composure, 89 Finishing


I have Lewandowski in my first team and I subbed him on in every game, he felt basically the same pace, just clunkier to use. He accelerates fairly well but will get caught up by Varane and the likes fairly quickly. It's not his strong suit, but I'd describe it as serviceable.



Jesus this guy finishes everything. If he gets the ball anywhere in front of goal, I'm already picking out which celebration I'm going to use. Even with defenders on him, he finished very reliably, which is probably where his 94 Strength and 90 Composure come in. I never really tried to do any long shots with him so your mileage may vary, but stat-wise it definitely looks fine. Only bad thing to say here is his Weak Foot, that hindered him like 2 times which is not a lot but still earns him a half-point deduction.



I used him with the "Target Man" Instruction which means he often had to pluck the ball out of the Air, try to control it and pass it on to Reus who then distributed it to my wingers. He did a good job here although I didn't really ask a lot of him.



I used Engine on him as a chem style, which negated his lack of stats here slightly, but there's no beating around the bush that he's a lanky, tall and unagile (is that a word?) player. His dribbling itself is actually pretty fine, it just takes his body a bit to make the moves.



He's got long legs for the occasional Interception. Also defends corners pretty well.

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Oh boy, now this is actually what drew me to him the most. 94 Strength really shows, you can just press L2/LT and no one can do anything to him. He's an absolute brick wall that will just not be bullied, he can hold up play long enough for your creative players to get into position, which is crucial late in the game. Obviously his Stamina is not amazing, but if you keep in mind to not sprint everywhere it's totally fine.



I'm having a hard time summing this guy up because he's a player that you have to play a certain way in order to get the best out of him. He's been magnificent for me, but that is because I love playing with a big Target Man that lays it off to one of my CAMs and can hold up play to make time for runs behind. If your opponent presses you at any point, play it back to your keeper and lump it into his general direction and he'll win you at least a header while your opponent is wasting all his effort trying to chase the ball. He was incredible at that part of the game. I really love playing with this card and I'm very happy to have done this SBC, especially at a 35k price. He's basically a stronger Harry Kane and if that's the sort of player you're looking for, you're going to have an amazing time.

Final Stats after 20 games: 10G 11A

Final rating: 8.5/10

Value for money (done at 35k coins): 10/10

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