88 TOTS Declan Rice In-Depth Post WL Review

FIFA19 9 - 88 TOTS Declan Rice In-Depth Post WL Review

Hola my babes. I was planning on spending this afternoon crafting the upgrade packs that would surely, surely! come to us, but lmaooooooo so I'm doing this instead.

Before I jumped into this weekend league, I figured I would go ahead and complete the Rice weekly objective, seeing as it looked pretty simple, which I did in about three games. Besides, what better way to prepare for the most frustrating and soul crushing online gaming experience than by playing the most broken and scripted offline gaming experience?

I slotted Declan into my midfield in place of NIF 85 Fabinho, my 600 game servant who I've never felt the need to replace yet. I thought maybe this would be the one weekend I try for more than Gold 3, maybe Mr. 11/10 would be the difference between getting all guaranteed Saudi picks and getting two Maddison picks on Thursday.
iPo3ENh - 88 TOTS Declan Rice In-Depth Post WL ReviewHere's the team I used him in. Please, try to contain your awe.

Before I start, just as a heads up, he is not an elite level player, I know there are better DMs, I am not here to tell you that you need to get him in your squad and he's every bit as good as moments Vieira, so please for the love of god refrain from commenting how you personally think he's shit at this stage of the game or how
he wouldn't make it into your team. I don't care. This review isn't for people that can afford to plunk as many coins as they want into a DM spot.

Ahem. Moving on.

How I used him: midfield destroyer and deep lying playmaker.

Position: Central CDM

Instructions: Stay back, rest default

Chemistry: Engine

Pace: 80

He does feel relatively quick, but not like a Kante or a Futmas Torreira, probably just due to his size. He's definitely fast enough though, and can catch up to and keep up with most players bombing through midfield if they aren't already too far past him. I have an engine on him which I'm sure helped. No issues here whatsoever.

Shooting: 60

Honestly I didn't shoot with him at all during weekend league, except I think twice when the ball ricocheted out of the box from a corner and he was sat there waiting. Has a mighty shot but I really wasn't trying to do it very much regardless. He did score a banger for me in squad battles, but, y'know. Squad battles.

Passing: 82

Wildly surprised at how much he contributed to attacks with his passing. This weekend was the weekend I finally started really using the threaded through pass, which I truly think revolutionized my game, and this dude was just a master of it. 99 short passing and 94 long passing means he's hardly going to misplace a pass, although I never really had him in a position to cross so I didn't see much of that 56 crossing in action. Otherwise he can do it all.


Dribbling: 78

That number is…. slightly flattering. 85 reactions, 80 balance, 80 ball control, all very nice, and then…. 66 agility. I can't lie, he does not move all that gracefully. At the same time, that's not how I try to use him anyway, and if he's got space to run into, you should be golden as long as it's, yknow, a mostly straight line.

Defending: 89

Finally. There's a reason people are suggesting you switch him to CB in game, and honestly he would be brilliant there. He's not as tall as Fabinho but he's got that same daddy long legs feel, where he just sticks a leggy boi out of nowhere and completely ruins the dribbler and takes the ball away (as long as EA doesn't want it to go right back to them ofc). He's always positioned ever so well in the middle of the park, and I find him cutting passing lanes beautifully most games, and I have him on balanced interceptions so who knows! Maybe that's just how he gets off. He's a brilliant defender, makes the work for my CB's so much easier.

Physical: 92

The boy is just a mountain. 6'1 and 94 jumping means no worries from goal kicks, and he cuts out a decent amount of lobbed through balls before they even make it two yards off the passer's boot just by throwing his head at them. 94 strength and 89 aggression allows him very little room for error when holding the ball or outmuscling a ball carrier to take it. Plus, 88 stamina means he'll have very little issue doing it all game long.

Key stats (for how I use him):

96 Composure

94 Long passing

94 Jumping

94 Strength

92 Stand Tackle

80 Sprint Speed

Overall, I really, really loved this card. Unless I pack either an Icon or some insane TOTS CDM, I don't see much of a reason to replace him for the rest of the game cycle, there are plenty of places I'd rather upgrade than him and he's so consistently good. I ended the weekend with exactly 17 wins (two games remaining) and that's my personal highest finish, so I'm chuffed it came on this weekend of all weekends with the upcoming rewards.

If you have a spot in your squad for him, try him out before submitting him into a TOTS SBC. If you think your squad is too good for him or you wouldn't touch him with a 10 foot pole because of 32 free kick accuracy, I seriously don't give a shit, please don't come in and tell me why he's actually bad when he's been a rock for me.

Toodles all.

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