A 352 formation guide from an Elite 3 player.

FIFA19 9 - A 352 formation guide from an Elite 3 player.

First of all I just want to say that in no way am I a fantastic Fifa player, and since the most recent patch I was really struggling, I was finding it hard to score and the low defensive line meta was really stopping me having fun. So to combat this I returned to an old favourite that I’ve always enjoyed; the 352. I think they’re are a lot of misconceptions about this formation, that it’s defensively weak and easy to expose, I haven’t found that if you run it right! Just as a little bit of small print I’d just like to say that custom tactics, player instructions and the way you play is very subjective, so this may not work for every player.

First of all the kind of players I recommend using for a 352:

• Goalkeeper – All goalkeepers are very hit and miss so whatever you feel comfortable with or works for chem . I use IF Alisson because I’m a Liverpool fan.

• Centre backs – Probably the key to running this formation correctly. Your outside centre backs should be the quickest you can get, think of a hybrid between a CB and a full back. I use FFS Joe Gomez on the left and Kyle Walker on the right. Other examples could be: FFS Militao, Varane, FFS Upamecano, Lucas Hernandez. Your middle centre back is gonna be the chunga boi. Big, strong and tall with high defensive stats. I use VVD here, but most tall and strong CBs will work.

• CDM’s – I would recommend using one traditional CDM such as a Kante, Allan, Viera etc and one box to box midfielder such as Futmas Torriera, Nainggolan, Goretska . As long as both of them have High defensive work rates. I tend to stay away from players like Pogba due to a low defensive work rate. Just a personal opinion.

•LM/RM – Another really important position in this formation. First and foremost I would always recommend HIGH/HIGH work rates and at least 80+ stamina. You can use fullbacks or more traditional wingers here, or a combo of the two. I use UEL Live Marcos Alonso on the left and 2IF Felipe Anderson on the right. They’re gonna be running up and down the touchline constantly and supporting both boxes so stamina is the most important aspect. Bonus points for good crossing, shooting and pace. Good examples are; Alex Sandro, FFS Davies, Son, Alex Telles.

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•CAM – The key man in getting this formation to tick. If you’re gonna look to spend the majority of your coins somewhere I’d pick here. Should be agile and quick with good finishing, passing and long shots. I used Prime Nedved here. Other good examples; Prime Best, Ben Yedder, Neymar, Messi.

•Strikers – This one is a little more subjective. I personally like a bigger striker next to a smaller one in two striker formations to get a good mix of running in behind and hold up play. Ideally you want a set of well rounded strikers who can do most things. The best example of this being Cristiano Ronaldo if you’re lucky enough to be able to get him. Honestly they’re are loads of choices here so just go for someone who fits your style.

Custom tactics and Player instructions:

The 352 is all about over running the midfield whilst still having space out wide, if done well it’s one of the most balanced formations in the game.

Defensive Style: Balanced Width: 6 Depth: 7 Offensive Style: Fast Build Up Width: 7 Players in the box: 4 Corners: 3 Free kicks: 3

CB’s: Default CDM’s: More defensive on stay back whilst attacking and cover wing. Box to box on balanced and cover wing. LM/RM: Come back on defence, cut inside and get in behind. CAM: Stay Forward, conservative interceptions ST’s: Big guy on balanced, smaller get in behind. Both on stay forward.

You want to use your CDM’s to cover as much space when your opponent is counter attacking until your LM/RM can get back to help, this is key to conceding less goals in this formation. Most of all enjoy it! I found the 352 a great breath of fresh air after changing from a 4231 all year. If you’ve any questions I’d be happy to help, Cheers!

Few people have asked for my starting formation and team so here you go: I start in a 4321:

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Walker VVD FFS Gomez UEL Alonso

Futmas Torriera Kante SIF Anderson (7 chem)

Prime Figo Prime Nedved Flashback Ibra

Then in game it goes to;


Walker VVD FFS Gomez

SIF Anderson Futmas Torriera Kante UEL Alonso

Prime Nedved

Prime Figo Flackback Ibra

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