A 51-game Review: OP Alessandro Del Piero

FIFA19 5 - A 51-game Review: OP Alessandro Del Piero

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Alessandro Del Piero

My team: (switch to 4-1-2-1-2(2) or 4-2-3-1 in-game)

Position: CAM

Chemstyle: Engine


All 51 games were played on either WL or DR. I am a D4/G2 player. Do what you want with that information.

A lot can be said about this glorious monster of a man but none will do him justice.

O' art l'rd and savi'r Alessandro Del Piero, f'rgive me f'r w'rds art all i has't to repay thee

Pace: 9/10

Think of a Cheetah hunting it's prey. Now think of a starving Cheetah hunting it's prey. Now think of a Cheetah running to the toilet to shit out last night's Indian.

ADP is that fast. He regularly outpaces everyone on the field and has no problem keeping most defenders at bay. Few may contest his dominance but none keep him scoreless.

When you're in a sweaty race, Del Piero will not let you down.

Shooting: 10/10

Imagine the strength of a tiger. Now imagine the strength of a tiger who Zeus fucked into existence. That's how powerful this man's boot is. Legend has it NASA designs all of its rockets based on Del Piero's leg.

This is mainly why we do not need to boost his shooting and he is better with engine but we will get to that later. 89 shot power does not do him justice, the rating is atleast 200. Sometimes he does miss the target despite a green timed finish but I do think that's because of either I or the game. His 5 star WF allows you to yell BEYBLADE and let it rip from anywhere. Literally anywhere. Don't be an infidel, just believe and shoot. The ball will find its way in.


Passing: 10/10

A Godlike archer in the Olympics, this man defeated Apollo himself and was crowned the King of Kings. Del Piero has pin point accuracy. Unless Van Dijk runs you over like a monstrous truck, your pass will find its mark.

Dribbling: 9000/10

Like a hot knife on butter, this man is smooth. The ball is glued to his foot and he always has complete control over it. Engine also boosts his low balance to 79 which has been more than enough thus far. Even I, an average dribbler, has achieved the level of Godlike dribbling by simply abusing ADP. I'm not proud of it. I'm proud of ADP.

Defending: N/A

I keep him on stay forward but when pressing, he intercepts the ball very well.

Physical: 4/10

Del Piero has a physical rating of 70 but that is irrelevant. Admittedly so, he does not win many headers but he is capable of holding of defenders mainly due to his high dribbling. Don't expect him to bully VVD or Davinson Sanchez but he'll get the job done against most shitcunts.

Overall: Jesus/10


He cost me 1.3 of my 2 million budget & has been unreal so far. I have zero regrets.

A special thank you to u/SwooshSentinal for convincing me to complete the SBC. You made FIFA fun again. I love you.

I would continue singing his praise but I hear Del Piero calling me.

Autobots, rollout.

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