A basic guide to the Contain button

FIFA19 10 - A basic guide to the Contain button

It's an odd command really. Spammed by the casual player, totally avoided by your standard pro. Misunderstood by almost everyone in between.

You've heard it a million times from youtubers "Don't use the contain button! Ignore X on defense!". The contain button does have a use, though.

For context, I'm a division 1, Elite 2ish player. I've made a couple of guideposts here and there. I do enjoy writing these.

What does the contain button do?

Basically, it keeps you in front of your opponent. The difference between it and the standard 'press' button you have on legacy defending is that it stops you about 2 yards in front of the opponent, establishing a forcefield, so to speak. But you already knew that.

When should I use the contain button?

The real point of the post. Basically, there are several scenarios where you might want to press contain.

  1. When you are being bamboozled by the opposing dribbler. The contain button will maintain a safe distance from the opponent, as he tries to sombrero flick, heel-to-heel, or body feint past you. You'll be there waiting until the player finishes the animation, ready to release the button and steal the ball, or block his passing lane.
  2. The opposing player is a distance away from your closest player and you want to 'home in' on him swiftly and accurately. Using the contain button will allow you to close the gap to the opponent, while still mirroring his movement as you close that gap. This is especially useful for nullifying la croqueta's.
  3. When you've initially been dribbled and need to recover without switching from your defender. The contain button will allow you to recover some poise and positioning, enabling you to possibly get in the way of your attacker once more.
  4. When there's massive delay and you don't trust your manual pressing.
  5. When the opponent is on a full-on, no holds barred sprint, and your defender is directly in front of him.
  6. When you're caught on the counter and absolutely cannot make a positional error
  7. I typically do not use the contain button too much. Maybe 5/6 times per match. So its not a crutch. But it has its uses, as stated above.


How should I use the contain button?

  1. Very briefly. I don't hold the button for more than 2 seconds typically, and only when I feel i need assistance from the AI
  2. If its a square 1 on 1 situation, couple it with the Jockey button to perform the Jockey Contain (L2+X). It makes you even harder to beat.

When not to use the contain button

  1. If you're confident in your ability to react and maneuver in response to your opponent's twists and turns
  2. If you're a jockey master who also doesn't concede space
  3. If the opponent is lining up a finesse shot, because it'll curl around your player (I'm usually too busy moving my GK for these though, lol)
  4. When your player is behind or to the side of your opponent
  5. When you see an ironclad opportunity to steal the ball cleanly. For example, if the opponent has overrun the ball, if he just finished executing a skill move, or if he's lining up a shot.

And that's it fellas. I really enjoy defending. Keeping an organized, aggressive defence is how I like to play my football, along with a sharp counter and lots of skilling on offense. I have a whole lot defensive tips and tricks for the future, if people are interested.


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