A Bundesliga midfield guide: who to choose between a plethora of good options (CDMs & CMs)

FIFA19 9 - A Bundesliga midfield guide: who to choose between a plethora of good options (CDMs & CMs)

After reaching my 1500 games today and playing since the start with a full BuLi team, I decided to write up this sort of review guide. From cheap to expensive options. I'll try to cover CDMS and CMS. I'll also include none available items for folks who still have them from a while back

If people likes this, I'll write one for another positions 🙂


FutSwap Guilagovui (0$) 6"2 / 2SM / 3WF

Key stats: Strength, Aggression and Interception. Chem styles: Anchor and Shadow.

An amazing option for the price tag, he only costed 4 tokens iirc. His presence is really something, he can track and get the ball from almost any attacker. Easy to hybrid due to nation, he also can play as CB or RB/LB (not on attack tho) if the match requires it.

Cons: Passing, he really lacks here and if you play possession and start your attacks from the back he can really fail you sometimes.

IF Delaney (23k/25k/29k) 6"0 / 3* SM / 4*WF

  • Key stats: Stamina, Aggression and Composure.
  • Chem styles: Backbone, Anchor.

First of, I'd like to say I played his NIF for over 300 matches. The upgrade is great, and given the price tag of the card at this point, is almost a must have even as a sub. He's lefty, and even if you play him as a CDM, he will net some goals from corners or in high depth attack if you like to press forward your opponents, he can send them in from far away. He really plays above the 82 rating, and its the best card you could get for the price in this spot right now.

  • Cons: If you like to only use your CDMs to chase down, you'll feel the 75 acceleration.

SBC Delaney (211k from scratch and BIN prices) 6"0 / 3* SM / 4*WF

  • Chem style: Engine.

What can I say? My fav card so far. Everything you could find lacking on the IF, this card fixed it. And everything that was already great, now is masterclass. He's everywhere on the pitch, can play 120 minutes and still take you home, cook your dinner and tell your sons a story to sleep and you might still find him running the next morning.


Futmas Zakaria (25k around that time) 6"3/ 3SM / 3 WF

  • Key stats: Sprint speed, Aggression and Strength.
  • Chem style: Anchor.

Obviously not available anymore, as FS Guilavogui, but deserves a mention nonetheless. Great for budget teams, this B2B is an amazing upgrade over his NIF Card. Unfortunately, he was outdated too quick given the options we got post xmas. Fun card to play SBs imo.

-Cons: Acceleration, heading, agility and balance.

NIF Goretzka (2.2k) 6"2 / 3SM / 4 WF

Not gonna write much about him, who hasnt played with him already? Amazing card for the price, still viable as a budget card or even as a supersub.

NIF Witsel (82/85) 6"2/ 4SM / 4WF

Same as NIF Goretzka!

IF/OTW Witsel (62k/59k/92k on IF, a little bit more on OTW) 6"2/ 4SM / 4WF

  • Key stats: Stamina, Composure, Interceptions.
  • Chem styles: Powerhouse, Anchor.

Despite the card being labeled as a CDM, the afro belgian is suited for a B2B role. He got a juice update due to his amazing performance and even a skill move upgrade that allows you to croqueta over with potato face. Guy is really good tracking, bullying and starting attacks from anywhere on the pitch (good vision and passing stats).

  • Cons: Pace. As I said with IF Delaney, if you are an AI dependent and use your midfielders to run everywhere, he's not gonna make it to chase some pace guys.

IF/OTW Goretzka (69k/ 63k/ 95k, OTW is going to be "free", but now sits around 100k) 6"2 / 3SM / 4 WF

  • Key stats: Interception, Stamina and Short passes.
  • Chem style: Maestro, Gladiator, Engine, Shadow, Anchor, Backbone, Architect. He can be whatever you want.

Unlike Witsel, Goretzka can perform well on a CDM role too, but for me, he's the definition of a B2B midfilder, who can defend, track, create chances and score bangers. His long legs are key to the interceptions that he can make (not like Pogba tho, lol). He can be useful playing a fullback position if you need a change.

  • Cons: Finishing, Jumping. The finishing matter can be a problem. Due to his H/H he oftens ends up as another ST in the box, but he can miss sitters quite often. Jumping is kinda regular tho, due to his height.

POTM Goretzka (Variable, I did if for 150k after packs)

All that the previous card was lacking, this got it right. He finishes his dinner and even tho he still lacks on jumping, I found that he now wins more aerial battles than before.

RttF Sanches (199k/ 189k/ 289k) 5"9 / 3SM / 4WF

  • Key stats: Stamina, Aggression and Balance.
  • Chemstyle: Powerhouse, Gladiator, Shadow, Anchor. Same as Goretzka.

Dreadlocked Bulldog. He's your man if you want someone to chase anyone around the pitch forever and ever. Despite his low height, he cant outjump a lot of taller players due to his stat. Suited to for a CDM role, this little fella has got into everyone hearts due to performing way above that 84 rate the card suggest. In my experience, the finishing stat is quite off… as he missed a lot of easy chances. Amazing card for those who like to control only one player.

  • Cons: Passing. Not suited to start attacks from the back. He's gonna miss a lot of easy passes even if he has an 85 on short passes. Price can be trouble too. And Bayern still has to play next week.

TL;DR: Depends on your budget or playstyle, you're gonna have a lot of options:

  • 2 man midfield on budget: NIF Goretkza & Witsel
  • 2 man midfield below 100k: IF Delaney & IF Witsel.
  • 2 man midfield Im rich: SBC Delaney & Rttf Sanches

  • 3 man midfield on budget: NIF Goretkza & NIF Witsel & NIF Delaney

  • 3 man midfield below 100k: NIF Goretzka & IF Delaney & IF Witsel

  • 3 man midfield I just dont care its march already: SBC Delaney, POTM/OTW Goretzka, RttF Sanches.

IF you have Guilavogui, you could replace him for Delaney in most cases, except compared to his SBC card.

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