A casual player fed up

FIFA19 4 - A casual player fed up

As someone in their 30s with a wife and a fairly demanding job, I love doing SBCs on the train, but the game has now got to the point where it's not fun for a casual player.

I'm a D6 Rivals, usually bounce between Gold 3 and Silver 1.

Part of this may be that I'm sh*t – but sometimes you want to get online a take your mind off things and a game give you some enjoyment.

Some examples of complete nonsense:

Scripting Oh the scripting. I get that EA feel with games staying tight it will keep people on the edge of their seat more – what it actually means is your flashback Rooney is clean through but fluffs his lines, puts it wide, inside of the post, and your opponent sweeps through your team with all tackles failing and your 90 rated De Gea just lets it through. Oh, and Scripted players, can you tell me why Harry Kane with 99 finishing, shot power etc misses more 1 on 1s than a FS James?

Goalkeepers Ter Stegen – when did this man develop powers of the matrix? Of course other than when I have a simple shot with Scripted players (FS James anyone?)

'Meta' nonsense This has got to be one of the most boring things on the planet. Dembele, Ben Yedder, Sissoko etc – the usual suspects. Why is this a thing? I want to play a game with a decent side, if I have an 88 rated CM I expect him to be much better than one that's 81 rated!


Matchmaking Bronze Bench, Non-Rare Gold Bench, Normal Bench, it doesn't matter now – if you've got a half decent team look forward to constantly facing Mbappe, R9, Messi, Barnes etc who never miss. You must see I've lost the last 5 games consecutively – why not pair me against someone with an equal team who is getting pummelled similar to me? In the WL this is literally ridiculous.

Pack odds This is just total bullshit, thankfully I've never spent a penny on Fifa points, but if I get a few 100k pack from objectives/rewards I would reasonably expect a decent pull from it.

Pace rules all This is not football – it's not even close to football, football is about so much more, skill, touch, technical ability – they even have to make Icons full of pace to match their stupid game play style – Lampard, Bobby Moore, Ronaldinho – none of these were lightening quick, but of course the only way to make them any good….

Shit servers When you finally have a good game, get an hour in and you get thrown off and it counts as an L – really EA, REALLY? I can't even.

All of these things alone are cause for frustration but all of them at once have made the game stupid to play. I'm going to try PES as others now seem to be doing, even for comparison – maybe it'll make me realise FIFA is half decent?

Rant over

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