A cost analysis of the “free” FUT Swap Kurzawa

FIFA19 10 - A cost analysis of the "free" FUT Swap Kurzawa

By my count, we're 9 tokens into December, which is exactly the amount required to unlock the 84 LB Kurzawa. Below is a list of the tokens offered so far, sorted by the means of unlocking:


RB Carlos Villanueva – Given to everyone.


LB Hamad Al Mansour – 4k min cost

CM Michel Aebischer – 4.5k min cost

Squad Battles

Serge Atakayi – Silver 3 or better. Depending on your skill level and proficiency with SBs, you could probably do this in a single game, but for the average person on medium difficulties I'm guess it will probably take at least two games, so 0.5 hours to unlock.

Weekly Objectives

Week 1

LB Cristian Calderon – Win 12 online matches. At roughly 15 minutes per match, this equates to a minimum of 3 hours if you win every game, and probably closer to 5 or 6 hours for the average player with some draws and losses mixed in. We'll be generous and say 5 hours of gameplay to unlock this card.

ST Sam Cosgrove – Score twice in 10 wins. This one is tricky because there's some overlap with the Calderon objective. If you're a monster player and you score 2+ goals in all 12 games while doing the Calderon objective then you would've unlocked this card concurrently with no extra effort. However, as it's possible to win 1-0 or 1-1 in pens, it's likely that this card would require at least a few extra games to complete, so we'll conservatively tack on 1 hour, knowing that it might take less or much more for some folks.

CM Emmanuel Besea – Score with La Liga players in 4 separate rivals wins. Again, it's tricky to estimate exactly how much extra time this will take because if you used a La Liga team while doing Calderon/Cosgrove throughout the week then you would've done this for no extra time. However, most people don't run La Liga teams and WL wins don't apply to this one, so I'll conservatively say it's at least 1 hour of additional work for the average player.

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Week 2

RB Chris Odoi-Atsem – Score in 14 matches. At 15 minutes per match, this equates to 3.5 hours of game time.

(???Mystery Player???) – Score in 4 separate rivals wins using Ligue One players. This is another tricky one because you could complete it while doing Odoi-Atsem, but since most people probably don't run L1 teams in rivals and since this can't be achieved while playing SB/WL, we'll tentatively say this will take an extra 1 hour for most folks.


Free Token – 0 coins, 0 hours

SBC Players – 8.5k

SB Players – 0.5 hours

Weekly Objectives – 11.5 hours

By my estimate, unlocking Kurzawa will take 8.5k coins and 12 hours of gameplay. I wouldn't consider these hours to be "work" necessarily, since many of these objectives can be completed naturally in the process of enjoying your typical WL/DR/SB habits, but it's likely that the average player will have to commit several hours beyond their natural gameplay in order to complete all of these tokens.

Overall, I would argue that the amount of work required is a bit excessive relative to the quality of the reward. While this Kurzawa is a nice LB with some great links, I would not sacrifice a 12 hour work day to obtain it. The same largely applies to Lasagna, Lerma, and Gameiro. Unless you are a massive fan of these cards and/or you can unlock them organically without committing extra time beyond your typical levels of gameplay, they probably aren't worth the time/energy/effort/coins required to obtain them.

I think it's cool that EA have implemented FUT Swap and I don't think you can complain too much about free stuff (if you don't want to do the challenges, you can simply ignore them). That being said, if they want to improve FUT Swap to make it more worthwhile, tokens should be easier to obtain AND/OR the player rewards should be more compelling.

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