A drunk persons review on van aanholt

FIFA19 2 - A drunk persons review on van aanholt

Just as a disclaimer, this is after 1 evening of games, so take it with a pinch of salt

Pace: (93) Feels like a hamster on steroids. This boy is rapid. Could catch a fu*king cheetah with ease, let alone your opponents aubameyang.

Defending: (80) His defending is decent. He’ll tackle most players as long as whoever is controlling him is good too. Don’t expect him to make tackles you don’t tell him to, but most tackles he gets a foot in, he’s stable enough to win them

Dribbling: (80) Despite 80 being a good stay for dribbling, I was still surprised at how good he was at dribbling. The ball sticks well to his foot and he isn’t chunky or anything, he feels agile and quick, without the ball running away from him

Passing: (74) His passing is very decent. He isn’t going to make passes like De Bruyne, but he can easily pass his way out and trouble and his crossing is very good. It seems like his favourite option is loop the ball over the keeper to the player at the far post to smash in. All in all, a decent passer of the ball.


Shooting: (73) I had him on stay back while attacking cos I don’t like getting caught out on the wings, but he managed to get a few goals for me, mostly inside the box but his finishing is definitely better than most defenders, but nothing more than you’d expect from an 81 rated card.

Physical: (77) I had no issues with his fitness, he lasted until the end of every game absolutely fine, and still had a good amount of pace even in the closing minutes. He isn’t exactly strong, so don’t expect him to muscle off Lukaku, but he will quite happily go shoulder to shoulder with most wingers and isn’t shy to give them a shove. Give it a go.

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For 30k he is 100% worth it. A really fun card to use and if you have a FUTchamps card lying around then you may as well give him a go. Defo rivals ready, possibly FUTchamps ready. He’s happily defeat those pesky POTM Lucas’ but he may struggle against legends and Mbappe etc.

Apologies for any grammatical mistakes, it’s a Saturday night and I’m absolutely hammered. Gimme an upvote for at least trying

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