A few serious questions about Squad Battles

FIFA19 5 - A few serious questions about Squad Battles

Ok, first let me say that squad battles has to be the absolute worst mode on any game I have ever played. It appears to be scripted so much that the scripting has gotten repetitious, despite EA’s claim otherwise. Anyways, this post isn’t intended to be about ranting and it is obviously just my opinion.

But…if EA is telling the truth…(ehemmm, excuse me…I puked in my mouth a little as I wrote that) then this would bring up a few questions about squad battles that I can not figure out myself….and mind you, I honestly finish Elite 1 every week and I only play enough games to reach that….so I am not complaining or crying because I can’t win. Also I have very solid team with 98 Pele, 94 Neymar,etc. These questions are mainly for squad battles but do have some issues in other modes.

One other thing, if you know of a way that I can fix or improve any of these areas….please let me know. Thanks

So here we go:

1) is it possible to take a first touch inside the penalty box? This is problem all over the pitch but in the penalty area my guys never receive the ball on the first touch. I can make 20 passes to work the ball into the penalty area and my players always take a hard touch. On the rare occasion that I have a clean shot, many times the player freezes and can’t shoot.

2) is it possible for my keeper to punch a ball out to my team? The AI keeper punches the ball out with pinpoint accuracy every time, sometimes to a player that is surrounded by up to 3 of my players, yet they always come away with the ball. My keeper seems to aim at the one defender that can get to the ball.

3) is it possible to win a 50/50 ball? obviously it seems that everyone has a problem with tackled balls going back to the defender, out of bounds or being called a cheap foul. I am asking why my players always back off from 50/50 balls as if they are afraid to challenge for it, then they act stunned while the defender cruises past them. This happens despite the tactics or instructions


4) is it possibly to win a contested air ball? I am not talking about ones where our players clearly have an advantage, but rather evenly challenged air balls. My players act is if the don’t care and sometimes they don’t even try to jump no matter what I try to do. This happens despite the tactics or instructions

5) is it possible for us to send a player on a run, send a through ball and have the player keep running without hesitation or just flat out stopping? This is horrific for me. I send a guy in a run, he points in the direction, I send a through ball, he stops and laughs at me. This is assuming the pass goes anywhere near where the replay shows I was aiming. Other times, my controlled player will decide to take an extra touch to allow the running player to go offsides. This despite of the tactics and instructions.

I could ask more but I will leave it to those 5. Sure, I could bring up player switching (which has started happening at times when I am not even trying to change from my controlled player) I do have air ball auto switching turned off. Sure, I could bring up how my players take silly looping type movements to purposely disrupt my timing off. Sure, I could bring up how my own AI players seem to move behind the opponent’s players to eliminate themselves from pass consideration and how my team will not support my controlled player if I am getting triple teamed by the computer (you would think someone would be open for support but instead they take off up the pitch as if I have any chance of getting the ball to them). No, I will save those points for the squad battles 2 post.

Thanks for your time everyone. I honestly want to get to some truth about these questions and if I am missing something, please fill me in so that I can learn. Appreciate it.

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