A Message for EA

FIFA19 2 - A Message for EA

WARNING: Long post.

I have been a FIFA player since FIFA 98 and I always loved playing this game. I would try my parents to buy me this game every single year in order to enjoy the sport that I love watching and have to opportunity to "play" with my favorite players.

I play FIFA Ultimate Team since FIFA 13. There was always this love-hate relationship between me and UT. I'm not going to lie.

Let's start with FIFA Points. First two years of UT I bought FIFA Points by TOTY. And you know what is the result – no TOTYs. Fair enough. After all, it is a matter of luck and probabilities. Still you don't provide the EXACT probabilities of getting a special card in a pack. It's like we are gambling in a casino. And you don't even care that children are doing it. Yes, pack opening is addictive, everyone knows about cases.

Every single year, the game has become worse and worse. If you ask any FIFA player, the answer will be the same. The game is worse. Even your pro players say the game is just not good and is unrewarding. But you still, year after year, make promises at every single FIFA launch, things are going to change, that you will listen the community, this will be the golden year and everything will be fixed. Just no. The worse is that you only appear and listen to the community (including this subreddit) when a new game is coming or a big promo is coming. That is why everyone thinks that you only care about the money.

Servers are always awful, you even had a game on your pro scene being decided by "Rock, Paper, Scissors"! You should be ashamed of this! This is just completely unnaceptable! Let's be honest: the competitive scene of FIFA should be Pro Clubs, not UT. Why? UT is Pay To Win which means that someone will always get an advantage. But I understand that in EA's point of view, the main product should be the advertised one. I get that.

Do you also want to talk about the patent regarding "Dynamic Difficulty"? I could write a gigantic post about this. The randomness of the game and some things that happen on it are just obvious now. And you can't even address it properly to your community. Gameplay just feels so random, anyone can win, there is no skill gap.

Still, I continued to play the game. Closed my eyes about this.


Last year, stopped playing at TOTS. Even doubted about buying FIFA 20. Why? Because the prior years were always the same. Promises and promises… And the game worse and worse. But I bought it to give one last change to you. Stopped playing UT on November. Every single WL is just the same bs and same issues with the gameplay. Now I just play Pro Clubs with friends and rarely.

I knew all this, that you don't care about your community, don't even listen, the posts that are made in FIFA Forums to discuss the state of the game are just erased. I just tought you wanted money and money, since UT is an amazing cash cow.

But there was a turning point. You listen, you care. BUT only when it becomes too noisy for you. I'm talking about Kurt and the shit show you made around him. Did he made things that I don't approve? Yes, absolutely.

Most of the time I tought that you were just incompetent. I'm not going to continue with SBCs, PIM, WL extensions…

You have step to the next level. The level of censorship and pursuit against ONE single individual is unacceptable. Copystriking his content. You made Kurt an example for the content creators. "If you go against us, it's this that will happen".

It is hilarious that some years ago, the most followed FIFA YouTubers were the ones promoting coin selling and you did NOTHING until it became unsustainable to the market of UT. Why? Because they were promoting the game and, of course, giving you money.

But of course, you don't want a guy that speaks against you and points the obvious issues?

And if this continues, who is going to be next? NickRTFM?

You aren't just money grabbers and incompetent. You are bad people. Yes I'm talking to every single person behind EA. From the Help chat until the CEO. Developers, managers, quality assurance. You all comply with this.

That's why I'm completely stopping playing your game. And more will continue doing this. You don't deserve the success you've made. As company you are huge. As PEOPLE behind it, you are just bad people. And I don't like to give money to bad people.

I hope one day you realize what you've been doing for years. When you go broke.


– A long time FIFA player

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