A new approach to FIFA – My Story

FIFA19 6 - A new approach to FIFA - My Story

Disclaimer: Read the entire post to understand my point of view

So, here I am, about to write a long long post. Here I will explain to you guys something that we all should always keep in mind. Enjoy.

For the first time in YEARS, I bought FIFA as soon as possible, to have a good start and make a lot of coins with early trading and stuff. I was happy, really happy, playing the game, trading, making coins ect. ect. Yeah, bad connection sometimes and bad gameplay was a thing for me too, but overall I was having a good experience on the game.

Then the "make coin and do content" stress came. I had to do all the objective, I had to trade on the MM, I had to keep in mind that I have to buy this player in a specific moment if I don't want to lose coin on him. I had 2MLN coins, but I couldn't decide to buy my DREAM squad, because I knew that "tomorrow his price will be even lower", "never mind, today I won't play cause I've to invest so I will buy them tomorrow" and so on.

Result: I didn't buy my dream squad till two days ago, when I have just said "fuck off".

What do I mean with fuck off? I told my self a list of things

  1. Stop caring abut trading. Just stop. I know a lot of people have fun doing it, but this post isn't addressed to them. This post is addressed to the ones that can't miss an SBC "because it could be profit", can't relax because they did a shit investment choice last week and now they are stressed because they want more coins and don't want to do the wrong investment again. This isn't even addressed on the ones with shitty squad that obviously are trying to buy their dream team. Do it, invest, trade, stay focused. But when you have earned the right amount of coins to buy the team, stop trading if it has become tedious. Play the fucking game, don't wait 1 month to buy your dream player because "he will drop" (just to be fooled because EA is doing a "great job" keeping high prices). Do not sell him because maybe you can grab those 30k profit selling and rebuying him, even if you love to play your WL with him and would prefer to keep him.
  2. Improve on the real fucking game. Yeah gameplay is bad. But its not THAT bad. If you can't reach Elite, yeah it could be server problem, but if you cant consistently reach gold (like me), you can keep telling yourself that it's the game, but it's not. It's probably you.
  3. Enjoy. Enjoy your gaming experience. Care about your squad and your players. Create google sheets during WL to see your stats (will do something about this on this sub next WL's). Be excited when you score a banger with your Balotelli or a goal with your red WL pick zaniolo (if you are a roma fan).
  4. Fuck the meta. Later you will see my squad, someone will say "Yeah but it's meta cause you have Son and Kante (spoiler)". This is the thing: I'm a Brescia fan, mainly. It's the squad of my city and i absolutely love to play with them. Thing is i'm also a Tottenham fan in EPL, Atletico fan in Liga and Milan sympathizer. Now put the pieces together and you have my squad. It's something I suggest all of you to do. Mainly if you love strange hybrid squads.
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Now, I know that's a controversial point, because if you see this squad

Загрузка... (41212 in game, smalling there waiting for Nesta)

you will probably think: Screw you, "fuck the meta" and then you use all those boosted and pacy players

The point is USE all the meta players you want, just if you REALLY want to use them. I do not fucking want Ter Stegen or Lenglet in my squad. But it's obvious that if I like Milan and playing with Brescia's defender is not an option, well alright, i will use my scream Romagnoli and my Nesta all year! On Kante the point is really simple: I packed him. Untradeable. I like him as a player and as a human, so here you have him there. I've packed also mendy, sissoko, orsic and meta like them but I. simply. don't. want. to. play. with. them. Fuck sissoko and lucas moura, i want Dele and Eriksen with me.

What I'm trying to say in this 4) point is just don't care about meta things. If you are a Brescia fan like me, take Balotelli and Tonali NOW, and suit them in your squad. Please. And if you like aggressive football, increase this fucking depth line.

So, here we are with the story of what I did two days ago. I decided that buying my squad asap without caring about price drops and doing all those SBC's wasn't enough. I wanted to waste all my spare coins. Why? Two reasons.

  1. Because the point is CREATE YOUR ULTIMATE TEAM. You did it as I did? Fuck now, enjoy. I did 500k of tradeable totw (did ten more or less, without caring that much about overpaying players). Pulled 9 shit and 1 Nainggolan. Listed min bin. Yeah. Fuck profit, let's make someone day beautiful. Then sold all the other players and kept those 100k to buy chem style or stuff like that.
  2. It was symbolical for me. Months spent caring too much about those fucking "virtual coins". Fuck it. Someone could think that I could just keep them to buy future Brescia players or stuff like that, but as I said, it was symbolical. I will have Baggio in my squad, for example, instead of Erisken, one day. But I want to do a "No-stress road to Baggio". Worthed SBC's when i've time to do it hoping in a little profit. WL's pulls. Division coins. Profit with players I obtain from packs. (Yeah, i'm not saying "fuck playing smart". I won't just discard all my players when I open an SBC pack. I will store and sell later, obviously. Point is not stop playing smart, it's stop waste hours in trading if you feel you are not enjoying it.) That's how I want to obtain the coins to pick him.
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So, i don't know if this is an unpopular opinion or something, but that's my story and my experience. Thanks to all for reading, wish you a nice day.

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