A Review No One Asked For

FIFA19 7 - A Review No One Asked For

Alright folks buckle up, this is gonna suck.

I'm writing this before I go to sleep so this is gonna be extra shitty but that's kinda what I'm going for here. This is going to be a garbage review of NIF Higuain, Carniball Yedlin, FB Kompany and FB David Luiz played at CDM. Basically I haven't had much time to play Div Rivals this week as I've been screwed over with work, class, serious bouts of depression and studying for a test I'm gonna bomb tomorrow. However, after giving up studying tonight, I decided to play 2 quick games of Div Rivals to get some kinda rewards and work towards finishing some weekly objectives AND NOW I'M GONNA REVIEW SOME PLAYERS AFTER ONLY USING THEM TWICE!!!

I start out in a 5-4-1 and transition to a 4-2-3-1(2) in game, where I move FB David Luiz from CB to CDM so that he starts with full chem and so SIF Alex Sanrdo has 8 chem. I pair him with NIF Kante. Tonight was my first time trying the new Yedlin out, as well as NIF Higuain who I bought in preparation for POTM Aguero before I realized that mf was WAYYYY outta my price range and I kept him so I could finish the weekly objective of scoring with an Argentinian in 3 div rival matches. I normally play POTM Rashford at ST, but for this week I have NIF Chelsea Higuain there. NOW LET'S ANALYZE.

NIF Higuain: GOD DAMN CAN THIS DUDE HIT THE POST. Seriously. I hit the post at least double digit times in 2 freaking matches. Every shot was past the keeper and BAM right into the post. Only got 1 goal with him in my 2 matches tonight. I hate using him I'll be honest. Too slow for me, just overall not what I like in a striker. He will forever just be SBC fodder for me. Once I'm done with the objective he is donzo. Do not buy this card unless you're a Chelsea fan or need him for SBCs.


Carniball Yedlin: I spent a good hour or so in class today wondering if I should do this SBC until I just said fuck it. When I get bored an make a USA squad(I'm from the US) he'll come in handy and I like the card. I've used RTTF Aurier, TIF Lala, NIF Walker, and FB Baines at RB this year, and I can honestly say I really like this card. I know people were shitting on him earlier, saying they'd rather just use Walker or that Yedlin is too short and blah blah but he's pretty solid. His pace is monster and his aggression is great too. In those 2 matches he showed me that he's just as aggressive as POTM VVD and SIF Sandro, which is what I LOVE about those two. I normally keep my fullbacks back and don't have them attack but a few times after intercepting a pass Yedlin was already mid-pitch so I countered with him and he's great on the counter too. For people afraid of his height or any of his stats, don't be. He plays just as well as RTTF Aurier and I really enjoy him so far.

FB Kompany: Solid. Tackling is great. Physicality is incredible too. Overall a good rock next to POTM VVD. I have no complaints tbh.

FB Luiz played at CDM: OKAY so I've seen the idea of him being played here tossed around here and on FUTBin and I liked the idea so I decided to try it and he plays well there. I have him play more conservative and Kante play more aggressively and it works out well. My complaints are my own wrongdoing, I kinda screw myself over on attack but whatever. When needed too Luiz does a good job of starting a break or launching through balls down the wing to Salah or Sterling and he's a pretty solid clog in the center of the pitch. If you want to play him there, go for it, you just might not have the same attacking prowess you want.

Okay so I hoped you enjoyed this shitty review everyone. I know that absolutely no one on this sub asked for this but uhhhhhhhhhhh…..Please don't wish me good luck on this math test tomorrow, I'm gonna fail it and that's basically that. I'd rather you either tell me good luck on finishing the challenges or tell me kindly to piss off. Alright that's that and this was your first and possibly last installment of these god awful reviews.

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