A review on the most expensive TOTS strikers or CAMs by an average P2W player who does not abuse the mechanics enough. Players :- Reus ,Aubameyang , Son , Aguero , Havertz , Lewandowski , Lacazzete , Ben Yedder , Jovic.

FIFA19 2 - A review on the most expensive TOTS strikers or CAMs by an average P2W player who does not abuse the mechanics enough. Players :- Reus ,Aubameyang , Son , Aguero , Havertz , Lewandowski , Lacazzete , Ben Yedder , Jovic.

Let me start by saying that this is not a dig towards any player who uses the meta or abuses the mechanics a lot. Everybody has a different play style and everyone should do what gives them a good gaming experience whether it be by playing good realistic football or winning by the meta or both.

This is a culmination of 3 weeks of games and total loss of 1.2 million in taxes so if it helps do drop a comment.

Now , i’ve seen many tweets and youtube comments from the community asking for reviews for certain players. My review here is directed towards catering the players who consider them average , care about their coins unlike me. and want to improve their game. Especially the players who have saved up their coins for buying their favourite cards. I hope you don’t lose much on taxes.

I do not use the meta enough. I sometimes cross , i sometimes scoop but i don’t use them enough. Simply because of my playstyle. I am more on dribbling and skilling side. Fun tip :- instead of using el-tornados , use bolasie flick. Takes a shorter time to execute and keeps the ball close and looks better as well. But don’t cross simply after doing it , try to play beautifully.

As of me , i consider myself an average player because i don’t get the results that i should considering the quality of team i have. I get gold 2 casually and since tots has started getting gold 1 after playing all 30 games consistently. I play 4-2-3-1 and 4-2-2-2 in game.The permanent players that i have are :- 90 IF Donnarumma in goal TOTS Da costa RB OP Cannavaro CB TOTS Telles , TOTS Militao as LB & CB Prime ballack and TOTS goretzka as CDMs Prime dinho and EOE Ribery as wide CAMs FB Firmino as CAM or ST (depending on formation and the other player)

Starting the review. Now , by saying these players mentioned above are the most value for money mid-top tier players you can get or could’ve gotten. Firmino , Ribery and Goretzka were really worth their prices considering someone like Benzema/Sancho etc are 1 million expensive than firmino or ribery. Hence i have a bias for them as well but for all intents and purposes these are elite cards.

As for the players mentioned in the title , i played with them one by one and not all of them together or in combinations.

These are brief but sufficient enough reviews for players like me. Starting with:-

TOTS Reus :- I bought him for 3.1 million. And straight off , he is not worth that price. He is a great card , he is very fast , has exceptional shooting and good dribbling as well. The problem with him are his work-rates and some of the deceiving stats. Like , his dribbling stats are not replicated in game , he is good but not 97 agility good & his strength stat is just a lie. You can feel him getting affected by bad gameplay. But the most disappointing thing was him being inconsistent. If you’re paying 3 million for a card you’ll want him to have a goal contribution every single game.Some games he’ll shine , some games he’ll be lost. Tried him as CAM and ST , recommended position CAM.

TOTS Aubameyang :- Unreal card. Worth the price only if you want to play him as a striker.He is really fast. He is consistent in front of goal. He is strong , wins everything in air. But again , his work rates lets him down as a striker. And he is not good enough for dribbling to play as wide or central attacking mid. Meta :- Heading , First timed shots. If you have a prem team or you can get him in your squad , try him. Is he the best from prem? No.

TOTS Son :- Exceptional Striker. Exceptional playmaker. The most well rounded attacker you can get in this game. His finishing is one of the best in this game. His long shots are the best in the game. Simple. His weak foot is super clutch for first timed shots. Lacks the aerial dominance like auba but makes up for it in dribbling. His dribbling is better than auba and reus both. His strength stats are deceiving , he plays better due to his body type and height but will still get bullied. Meta :- First timed shots , Long shots , Scoop volleys. Is he the best from prem? No. Then who is? This man.

TOTS Aguero :- Out of all the players , he is the only one who i bought again. He is simply the best premier league striker in the game. Taking into consideration the value for money in attackers from prem and ability in game. Dribbling is exceptional. Him being so shot and nimble with 92 strength and 81 aggression doesn’t make him lose the ball often. His movements off the ball is crazy. He makes excellent runs which auba and reus lacked. His aerial ability can be put in between Auba and Son. He will win 60% of the balls in the air but if he connects in front of goal it will go in something which Son lacked. He is consistent and will improve your goal tallies by a lot. Highly recommended. For the meta , his 180 shots are accurate 90% of the time and his first timed shots always go in.


TOTS Havertz :- Now this is the card everyone is super hyped about. Everyone should be considering his stats are just nuts. Let me start by saying , i didn’t enjoy this card. I prefer brandt over him ( not reviewing him ) simply because he is 2 million cheaper than him. I saw everyone going nuts about him and even hyping him more after seeing pros using him. Let me tell you good things about him , his weakfoot , his aerial dominance ( better than non-inform CR7 ) and his finishing. Why didn’t i enjoy him? Maybe because everyone hyped him so much that i almost felt he must be a god. But for real , his dribbling was not awful but His first touches really triggered me. He simply couldn’t accept the passes in bad gameplay. He was the most affected card out of these players in bad gameplay. But the worst thing about him which i felt was , his attacking runs. As a striker he just didn’t play accordingly to his 99 attack positioning but credits where due he did play like 99 finishing. If he was in a good place with good posture , the ball went in everytime. Now , if you don’t cross much , you’ll not get the most out of this card which i don’t so i didn’t. Hence i said in title , only for those who don’t use the meta much. If you are someone like nepenthez , then he is the best card for you. He wins absolutely everything in air and they go pin point to the position aimed. His strength you can feel in good gameplay but in bad gameplay he just feels clumsy and clunky. He wasn’t the one for me , if he is for you then fair play.

TOTS Lewandowski :- Underwhelming. You’re better of using his 94 rated card. I felt no difference in finishing between these two versions. The TOTS is better on ball but that’s about it. He is good , don’t get me wrong. But he is one dimensional in the sense you can only play him as striker. His finishing is god tier. But so is the 94 inform version’s finishing. He is not worth the extra 1.7 million that you’d pay for him. If you like target men striker i think he’d perform better than havertz for you. But that’s about it.

These were the big boys. Who cost more than 2 mill on market. Coming to mid tier guys.

TOTS Lacazette , TOTS Ben yedder , TOTS Jovic

All of them can be explained in one review itself. If you can get any of these 3 in your squad. Don’t hesitate. Get them.

Jovic is not the best on the ball except close control but his finishing is nuts. He is the best bundesliga striker in the market right now. Absolutely insane. Even though him being med/med as well like reus , havertz and brandt , his attacking runs for some reasons were so good and better than all of the 3 mentioned, He is 1 dimensional as well like lewa but he is better because he is cheaper. You’ll feel the lack of skills because his close control is so good you’d forget he isn’t 4 stars. Weakfoot super clutch.Highly recommended.

Similar case with Laca , his finishing is exceptional , his dribbling is insane. He lacks the real pace burst and strength. He’ll win some fair headers as well. He is the best from prem simply in terms of value for money. He can also be linked in different squads easily because of him being french. His key problems? He can’t be played as lone striker. He needs someone to hold the ball. His strength is not good as well but in a 2 striker formation , you can manoeuvre the card really well. Really worth the price.

And now , lastly , as zweback would say , BEN YODA , i have only played 10 games with him. But i can say he is broken. Just like his other cards. And he is super cheap now. His finishing and positioning are exceptional. His work rates even though being same as son , hinders him less. He drops back a little less than son. His weak foot is clutch , his long shots are okayish. Even If you green time it , it may go in or it may not , but in the box he is crazy. So far so good.

Overall , I’d say , considering abilities , price , value for money , overall contribution and both versatility and strictly striking abilites . I’d rate these players as follows :-

Big boys- Aguero>Son>Auba>Havertz>Lewa>Reus.

Mid tier:- Jovic>Ben yedder>Lacazette

Bundesliga :- Jovic>Brandt>Havertz>Lewa>Reus

Prem :- Aguero>Son>Auba>Laca

Personal favourites:- Aguero, Laca , Jovic , Ben yedder and Son

Ben yedder is broken and i need more games with him.

As for youtube reviews , fuji and marshall’s are great , you can watch them for more in-depth.

As for streamers , fuji , danny r9 rai are the best for me. Highly recommend to see them playing with these players. Next time i want to do something like this for the tots wingers. Such as hazard , sancho etc.

Now , these were my opinions , strictly based on my style of play and my abilities. I know there are many players who have saved up their coins for better players and this review is for them. For all my gold merchants , let’s push for elite. Currently i am 17-6. Wish me best and i hope you all liked these reviews and that it helped you deciding one of these. Don’t simply copy the pros or the streamers. Try determining your perfect play style and then go for the purchase.

I hope this helped in saving your tax losses as well. Cheers everyone.

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