A review on the most expensive TOTS wingers/CAMs by an average P2W player who doesn’t use the meta enough ( Messi , Hazard , Mane , Sancho , Sterling , Dembele , Gnabry )

FIFA19 2 - A review on the most expensive TOTS wingers/CAMs by an average P2W player who doesn’t use the meta enough ( Messi , Hazard , Mane , Sancho , Sterling , Dembele , Gnabry )

As after reading the title you might have recognised my last post for strikers/CAMs .

The response on that post was overwhelming and i’m glad that i was able to help many players to give a brief but sufficient enough review on those big players.

As mentioned in the last post , it is time for some wingers. I’ve reviewed them on the basis of their price , value for money , versatility and in comparison with their previous versions.

Currently i have in my squad :- TOTS Messi , FB firmino , EOE Ribery , Prime dinho , Prime Ballack , TOTS Goretzka , TOTS Schulz , OP Cannavaro , Moments Ramos , TOTS Da Costa , UCL courtuois.

My last weekend league rank was Gold 1 (20-8) , and i consider these results average only based on my team and what i realistically should be getting based on that. I am more on dribbling and skilling side of game hence reviewing these wingers was a lot of fun for me apart from the losses that i faced in the taxes especially on ousmane. But here goes :-

Starting of with

TOTS Messi :- Let’s just say he is the best finisher out these players. And overall has one of the best shots in the game if not the best. But that is what you expect from messi. His close control is the best out of any player i’ve ever used in the game. He’s not particularly weak but only when he is shielding , while he is running he will get bullied by the defenders. He is much better than any other version of his cards except TOTY. Now , is he different than his TOTY , yes. He’s not as physical as his TOTY , but is it justified to pay 800k more for a central TOTY Messi , then i think not. Save your coins go for this version instead he’ll genuinely carry your front line. Best position is striker , especially in two striker formation. Anywhere else you’ll not be able to use one of the most broken finishing in the game. But if you’re someone who crosses a lot TOTY version will suit you much better. He’s worth the 3 mill price tag. Absolutely. He is still in my team.Chem style used on him :- Architect.

TOTS Hazard :- Now , i’ll say this about him , he’s the best premier league TOTS available on the market right now. Especially for someone who plays more on the dribbling side. This man is faster and has a better finish than aguero , auba , son etc. Only one player beats him in pace and dribbling , i’ll mention him afterwards. Out of all the players i’ve used here , he is the most versatile one. You can literally play him as an outside cam , central cam , striker , winger. The ability of him to latch on the loose ball is unreal. Hazard has always been OP. Now , is her worth the price that you have to pay? Yes, but with some conditions. If you have his POTM , then don’t , i have his POTM who recently crossed 1600 games. If you play this version of hazard at CAM , you’ll not feel any difference than any other version of his card. Only pay for this TOTS if you want to play him at Striker. Because his pace and dribbling will not feel different than his POTM , the difference is in his finishing and strength. Which is better utilised at striker. And this is the only reason that i sold him , because i had his POTM as a super sub and i couldn’t justify using this hazard and getting rid of my potm. All in all , best prem tots out there. Genuinly broken card.

These were the mega stars , messi and hazard. Both of them will cost you 3 mill or more. Treat these cards as novelty , don’t sell your whole club in order to just get one of these cards. These are the best cards in this segment hands down but only if you have spare coins , especially hazard , because messi is still better than every other version of his card except TOTY.

Moving on to the mid tier.

TOTS Mane :- Electric. This is the word that i’ll use for him. He’s crazy fast , super quick on the ball , has great finishing as well. Has decent physicals can retrieve the ball as well. All in all , he is really good and most importantly he’s cheaper than the above two guys. The problem with him is , he is very inconsistent. He’s the hit and hope kind of player. When you take shots with him you never really know whether it will go in or not , it does most of the time and you’ll think well that’s good , but sometimes he misses absolutely sitters. This is not a major concern though , especially if you’re using him out wide. Which i’ll recommend doing so , his distribution is not good enough to be played in the middle. Best suited at ST or LAM

TOTS Sancho :- This card is the joint fastest card i’ve ever used in this FIFA , you combine his pace and dribbling with his skills and you’ve got a motor running with 100 km/hr . It feels like that in game. Although , he plays according to his stats. His weak foot and composure are the major hinderance here. He simply is one footed , if he had more composure then maybe it’d be better but sometimes he’ll misplace a perfect pass or a good shot on his strong foot as well. His work rates are also a pain but since he is so fast and you’ll always try to play balls with him you won’t notice it much. For his price you’re better off using his FFS card. But he is super fun , he is so fast that when you dribble with him and skill with him you’ll genuinely enjoy him. You’ll enjoy him the most infact. Best suited as LAM.


TOTS Sterling :- Along with Sancho , he is also the fastest card i’ve ever used in this FIFA . This man is a penalty merchant. If you get inside the box , just move your left stick and he’ll get you a penalty. He is so short and nimble that he’ll literally get in between the legs of tall players. Especially with his unique animation. Now , is his weak foot bad ? Yes , it is , but it is better than sancho. Why? Because of his shooting and composure and his work rates. If on his strong foot , he has better finishing than mane. Another card which you’ll have fun playing with him. Best suited as LAM .

TOTS Dembele :- If anybody has played with FIFA 17 TOTS Dembele then be prepared to get nostalgic. This card is as close to that version that you’ll ever get. First of all , his pace is better than messi/ hazard and less than sterling/sancho. His dribbling as well. The guy has a really good shot and a great work rate to be played forward. But , he is also inconsistent in front of goal. He’ll make more chances for you than score. Now , if you play him out wide especially in a 4-2-3-1 , his work rates will tend to hinder your play because he is consistently forward, unless you put a specific instruction on him. He is weak as well , he’s not winning any 50:50s or headers for you. He is best for running down the wings , cross or shoot with his 5 star weak foot if any loose ball comes. Actually i completely forgot that he wasn’t 55 any more and it was infuriating. None the less , he is super fun . Worth the price ? If he suits your play style then yes , bang on for money. Best position :- LAM or RAM

Gnabry :- Surprising. Now this card on the face of it will not impress you. Yes he is fast , he is smooth on the ball can dribble well . Even finish the chances when it comes to him. 44 as well . Good value for money as well. Then what’s wrong with him? Starting off , he is not as fun as you’d expect. He is doing his duty being in your team . Carrying the ball forward , crossing , the getting tired. If he mis places a ball then you’ll blame him for his composure or stamina. But he is stupidly good value for money. Considering every other winger here is more than 1 mill . If he fits in your team , get him . He’ll do the job. Best postion , CAM or LAM or RAM.

Now these were the mid tiers . Is there a lower tier , not really. Any other wingers like neymar , mbappe etc every body already knows about them. This review was just based on the current TOTS as many of you will have these cards in red player picks already or are waiting to buy some of them.

Now , this is a bonus review on one of the best value for money sbc’s ever released. EOE Ribery:- He is a god at CAM , you can play him out wide as well but his work rates and stamina will hinder his play. He has decent strength which you can feel in the game , he absolutely butter on ball . So fast , very good finishing and passing and with 5 star skills. Him being french also makes him the most linkable out of all the players mentioned above. He can link to goretzka , ben yedder , lacazette , kante etc. Now you see the prices of Sancho at 1.5 mill , Gnabry at 550k. I completed this sbc for 400k with untradeables . And what a great unlock he has been.

Two hidden gems :- TOTS Rafa TOTS Onyekuru If you are low on coins or need a super sub , don’t hesitate. Just buy them. They are crazy and they are cheap.

Now to summarise it.

For striker position:- Messi>Hazard>Mane>Dembele>Sterling>Sancho> gnabry

For outside cam:- Hazard>Messi>Mane>>Dembele>Sterling>Sancho>Gnabry

For cam :- Messi>Hazard>Sterling>Dembele>Mane>Sancho>Gnabry

Overall ( based on fun factor and value for money ) Messi>Hazard>Dembele>Gnabry>Sancho>Mane>Sterling

Chem Styles used on these players :-

Architect :- Messi , Hazard & Mane

Finisher :- Sancho , Dembele , Sterling

Deadeye :- Gnabry

Finisher :- Ribery

Now these were the reviews on some wingers , i hope i have helped y’all again in deciding who to get. All of them are very similar players , fast , good finishers etc etc and one thing is for sure that someone who doesn’t rely or use the meta much you’ll absolutely love these cards. At the end of the day you have to decide which position you require to fill in and whom to get. Good luck everyone , mention in the comments if you have any questions or want any other player reviews. Center backs are gonna be the next. Thanks again.

Hope this helped. All the best

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