A Weekend With League SBC Cards and Award Winners

FIFA19 8 - A Weekend With League SBC Cards and Award Winners

So after playing the first four games of the weekend I got bored and decided to change things up. Since EA doesn't have anymore special requirement tourneys I decided I am going to make up my own for the weekend league. So for this weekend I decided to get as many league SBC and award winners in to a squad and see where it took me. I ended up using the following team:

I had everyone but Chevalier going in to the day so I had to quickly do the Belgian SBC again which cost me around 50K using players in my club. I wanted to use the Norwegian goal keeper, but I had no real way to fit him in that was at all viable so I stuck with my Fahrmann and Tah. Used Bruma and Giulivogi for chemistry to get it up to a 93.

I usually get G0old 3, but unfortunately I choked away my last 3 games and ended up with only 13 wins on the weekend. So with this team I went 11-15. Sucks missing out on that second red card, but it would have been shit anyway so who cares at this point.

Here is my review on the players and their stats over the weekend.

Jo (26 games / 7 goals / 5 assists) Well he shoots decently enough but God he can't turn to save his life. I took him off at half time nearly every game for Salvio. If he can run in a straight line decent chance for a goal, but if you want him to do anything you are wasting your time. Decent at laying the ball off for someone else to finish the job though as you can tell by the assists. 6/10 rating. He sucks and I regret not doing Pato because I felt Jo was good enough, but he does seem to score a decent amount.

Gignac (26/21/9) Some games he couldn't miss others he was completely useless. I liked him a lot and am glad I did his SBC since it was pretty cheap. I will probably finish the Mexican league SBC over the next week to get him another link, but overall a very good card just disappeared at times (7/10)

Oscar (26/9/18) Oscar is an assisting machine and I love this card. He puts in some bangers too. I have him in my main Brazilian squad and he does well there too, but really did great here by averaging over a goal/assist per game, and coming close to assisting a goal a game. Great card (9/10).

Paulinho (26/4/1) Not a great card, and his 67 stamina really showed in the way I play. He rarely made it much past half time and a lot of times was pulled at half time. He had a few decent goals, but he was pretty easily the worst player on the pitch for me most of the time (3/10)

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Augusto (26/1/2) While he may not have any scoring stats I feel like he's a great card. I have nearly 200 games with him now and I never am left wondering where he is. He usually gets more assists for me than this, but still I have no real complaints (8.5/10)

Vormer (26/4 (2 pens)/8) This is the card I was surprised most by in this team. I felt he was actually better than Augusto and he just seemed to never be out of place and was always there when I needed him. I will probably have to find a way to fit him in more of my teams His 97 stamina is also a huge plus. (9.5/10)


Chevalier (26/5/4) This guy is something. He didnt score in the first 15 games nor did he have any assists. Then all of a sudden he scores a hat trick and started being a helpful member of the team. He was going to end up being worse than Paulinho, but once I learned how to use him he was actually pretty good. Could use 4 star skills, but he did a find job on the side (6.9/10)

Tah / Bruma / Guilovogui / Fahrmann (1 assist each Bruma / Tah) I like this back line a lot. I had never used Bruma before but honestly he wasn't bad. He's tall and I never really felt like he was a hinderance. I did put a shadow on him to give him a little speed. Tah is great and I am very glad I have him. Same with the other two. Not much else to say about these three since I think most people on here have either used them or don't care about them. Tah (8.5/10) Guilavogui (8/10) Bruma (7/10) Fahrmann (8.5/10)


Calguiri (9/0/0) Good card glad I have him even though it sucks he got an IF right afterwards. Probably would have been better off selling the German league but here we are. Usually came in on the wings if I was winning and wanted to get a little better defensively. Didn't use him much, but he's a solid card (7/10)

Hector Herrera (did not play) Didn't play for me as I never felt the need to replace Augusto/Vormer, but he is an incredible card in my Liga Nos team. Both of the Liga Nos players are probably the best two SBC cards I have used. Plus strong link with Telles (9/10)

Balhanda (19/2/1) Another player I was pleasantly surprised with. While he didn't score much I always felt like he was in good shape. While I hated both Turkish choices (horrible nations) I felt he was adequate but no idea how to fit him in to a team. He usually came on for Paulinho around half time once I got more comfortable with him. (6.5/10)

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Blind (7/0/0) Not much to say here. I wanted another reward card on the bench so here we are. I brought him in for Bruma in early games, but as I got more comfortable with him I didn't use him much. He's useful with the current pace, but that's about all. (6/10)

Salvio (22/13/6) The real star of the team here. I hadn't used him up top too much until recently and this will change things. I am shocked it was only 13 goals as it seemed he scored every game. He came on for Jo at halftime and it was just a breathe of fresh air in to the team. Great runs as well (10/10)

Hansen (DNP) Still a fresh card, had planned on using him once I got to Gold 3, but well…

Duffy (11/1/1) Seemed like a fine card. Seemed to have the same haircut as Maquire from last year. Once I got more comfortable with Chevalier and Belhanda I used this card less and less. Still for a free card he wasn't bad. (6/10)

Anyhow hope you enjoyed reading this. If you did I may do a themed team for future weekend leagues and post them.

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