An Analysis of F2Tekkz’s Weekend League (Revised with CLIPS)

FIFA19 8 - An Analysis of F2Tekkz's Weekend League (Revised with CLIPS)


I really can’t believe how many people enjoyed my previous review, and wanted to see another one. Here it is! This is an updated version of the F2Tekkz article, with clips and comments from the last one. Please feel free to comment your thoughts and who I should review next! (needs to be an Xbox player.) Also as a PSA. Don't ever try to move, edit, and share 40+ xbox captures over a phone. It sucks.


  • I'm pretty sure he ran a 442(2) with drop back and 6ish depth, fullbacks and cdms stay back on attack and strikers come back on defense. His team looked like this on the weekend league I reviewed.
    8678499 - An Analysis of F2Tekkz's Weekend League (Revised with CLIPS)


  • Tekkz is ridiculously aggressive, most of the time running towards the ball carrier. He also is obviously quite good at finding the passing lanes and closing down the opposition.
  • More than half the time he is defending, he is using rb or r1 to second man press. (clips When I was watching him, it almost felt like he constantly using it to attack the opposition. This caused a lot of giveaways in the opponent's half leading to quick counters. (clips He doesn't use it often in his final third or when it would pull players out of position that would lead to an immediate and easy through ball. This is also because there is more to gain from winning the ball back at the top of the opponents box vs winning it at your own box. This often leaves his exposed to quick through balls and counter attacks. This is how he concedes most of his goals against.
  • He commits to tackles a ton, using 2nd man press and slide tackles frequently when he needs to. (clip is also willing to give away fouls, but not purposefully (usually unless to stop kickoff once).
  • Interestingly, he uses little R stick switching. This is because he almost always wants to be to the closest man to pressure. He also uses the offsides trap to stop his opponents through ball when there is a large chance. Also, in those situations, he moves his keeper forwards using Y. (clip
    mpc3p - An Analysis of F2Tekkz's Weekend League (Revised with CLIPS)
  • Tekkz moves his keeper using R3 a ton. He usually does this later in the game when he has a judge of his opponent. (clips
    6qjvk - An Analysis of F2Tekkz's Weekend League (Revised with CLIPS)
    pteu4 - An Analysis of F2Tekkz's Weekend League (Revised with CLIPS)
    ).There isn't much movement on corners, but on free kicks there is (clips

Kick off:

Yeah, its stupid that this needs to be a section. But it does.

  • At the start of the weekend league he was doing the usual, go down the wing and though ball stuff. Towards the end though, he got a different tactic. From kickoff he would trigger Mbappe or Ronaldo to run using LB. He would then pass the ball wide and go up the wing, while watching the runner. When they were about to pass the line of CBs he would cross the ball in for a header from the player. Most of the time he got a decent connection, however I didn't see him score this way even though they were good chances. (clip
  • When he defends against the kickoff when the ball is passed he uses the offsides trap to move his back line forwards. Also when defending he uses 2nd man press to try to rush the ball off his opponent. (clip

Offensive set pieces:

  • When he had a corner he either crossed it to Van Dijk (tots) or called a man short (note: waited until the corner “started” before calling man short). If he called a man short he did one of two things. He either R3 flicked up then crossed the ball to the back post, or he did la croquetas (not gonna tell people how to do these) to create an angle/opportunity for a shot or pass for a tap in. (clip
  • When he had free kicks within 30ish yards he called 3 to the ball (LT and RB I think) and then had one do a fake shot before he passed it to the 3rd or 4th man for a first time shot. (clip
    g4yzo - An Analysis of F2Tekkz's Weekend League (Revised with CLIPS) He also did this…yeah idek (clip



  • The fun part and what you might know him for. He uses and chains skills to get inside and get into a shooting position. (clip I’ll go over each skill he commonly uses and where, as well as how he combos them. (clip
    2zh82 - An Analysis of F2Tekkz's Weekend League (Revised with CLIPS)
    ). A note is that he doesn’t risk possession in his half by skilling in his half, they are mainly used to open up lanes and in the final 3rd.
  • The drag back (RB) is used all over the pitch for him, in creating passing lanes and in creating shooting chances. (clip
    ngx7p - An Analysis of F2Tekkz's Weekend League (Revised with CLIPS)
    noiey - An Analysis of F2Tekkz's Weekend League (Revised with CLIPS)
    ). It is used to just pull the ball back a foot or two without always changing direction. He uses it in conjunction with the scoop turn or elastico, where he creates an angle to shoot with. (clip
  • Elasticos are also really common, as they are incredibly unpredictable and create space easily. (clip
  • The fake shot is used multiple ways. I haven't seen him use the RB open up fake shot, as I’d guess that exposes the ball too much. Here are the other fake shots he does and how he uses them.
  • The regular fake shot is used at a 45 degree angle for the speed boost, it helps get away from defenders and allows him to cut inside from the wing. (clip This and while slowly dribbling are the two main times he uses it. It is also used 1st time by him to create space in the box.
  • Another move like that that he uses is the dummy, most commonly used by a wide CAM to get around an outsideback. (clip
  • The scoop turn can only be used while stopped with 4* players but with 5* players can be used while running. How to get into stopped positions is by using the RB drag back. With 5* players such as Mbappe he chains running scoop turn with other skills, such as the elastico and croqueta.
  • The stop fake shot (RB variant) is used when he, well, wants to stop. This is used often right before doing a la croqueta while on the wing especially. (clip
  • Tekkz does not spam the la croqueta, he uses it individually to get around one man. (clip
  • He uses the ball roll to create passing lanes, as well as to get into a different position to skill.
  • Roulettes, body feints, and heel to heels are also in his arsenal of common(ish) skills, but what makes him really good is how he quickly combines those moves. (clip
  • Sometimes Tekkz waits for the opponent to pressure him when he is on the edge of the box, or uses LT to hold off pressure and then start dribbling. (clip


  • Tekkz didn’t time his shots this weekend league, he might more in others but this one was really laggy. He also plays for the rebound, taking shots that don’t have a high percentage of going in, but opportunities afterwards. He will often take a low percentage shot when he has a bunch of space, vs a shot with a high likelihood of being blocked, but with a better angle.
  • He takes 1on1s very slowly, and waits for the gk to move if he has the time. (clip Otherwise he generally tends to use a regular shot (less error) in the near post in those situations. (clip
  • When Tekkz takes shots from an angle or near post from further out he seems to use high powered low drivens, as they can also rise (timed is better). (clip
  • A few times he used R3 to flick the ball up and then shoot a volley. (clip
  • From further out he takes 1st time finesse or regular, depending on who/where it is. (clip
  • A couple times he’s used the low lob (1 bar power RB+X) to give tots Mane or op Henry a 1st time volley. (clip

Other stuff:

  • This is how he played in WL. He does NOT play like this in tournaments. The main difference is that he is more careful in possession and he is not as aggressive in defence.
  • Goal kicks: always tries to keep possession, either an A pass, a lob to a fullback, or a lob to a cdm.
  • He is the best attacking player in the world right now, so it’s okay if he defends soooo aggressively because he scores a ton. Most people will concede a lot if they try to defend like he does and will lose 5-2. Don’t defend with as much pressure as he does.
  • Also, he has one of the best teams in the game with high stamina. If you have an average team they will both get incredibly tired, and also will not cover players as well as prime gullit and viera. This is another reason why to not try to defend exactly as he does.
  • If you're wanting to get better and wondering about youtubers who can help, the ones I personally like are BorasLegend, The Guide, and Neal’s Guides. They all have really good, honest content.
  • Skills to learn: If you read this and want to get better at skills here’s the 6 that you should learn by practicing them individually in bronze attacking scenarios, and then starting to chain them together. Drag back (R1/RB), fake shot (all versions, LB/L1, RB/R1, scoop turn, 45 degree, and first time), croquetas, heel to heel flick (RS forwards then backwards), roulette and elasticos.
  • Also just for those who commented on my finals last time, I got an A in all of them and finished the year with a 3.97 gpa!

Please comment who I should review next! Also, I was considering reviewing a couple of a redditor’s games and giving tips and suggestions. What would you like to see? Finally there was a bunch of people who thought that I should try making some youtube videos. Would people be interested in this content in video form? Thanks for reading!!!

p.s. i care about fake internet points so feel free to upvote 🙂

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