An Honest Son Review

FIFA19 8 - An Honest Son Review

These SBCs will always bring debates from people whether they’re worth it or not. I did Son using a lot of untradables which I’m not fussed about giving away because i know I can work them back, but I’m here to give an honest review on Son.

I played Son in a 4231 and used him at LCAM and ST during my games. I also used the Sniper Chem Style because I wanted to focus on boosting his Attack Positioning, Finishing and Agility.

  • Pace: Feels quicker than card suggests, feels more the 91/92 mark I’d say. Son didn’t get caught up from the games I played which can only be a positive.

  • Shooting: One word, WOW. His shooting is incredible. Himself being both footed is helpful and he was so clinical. We all know timed finesse go in so of course he’s great at them, but even his power shots and volleys were thunderous, one of the best strikes on the ball I’ve used.

  • Passing: Nothing special, some sloppy passes here and there, do not bother trying to dink balls or ping balls with him, he’s useless at long range passing.

  • Dribbling: Agility wise on the ball he isn’t amazing, his ball control and quick reactions are great and running on the ball he’s fine, but if you are expecting the close control dribbling of Neymar etc. This card won’t bring you that.

  • Defending: Not much to say, won few headers here and there.

  • Physical: The main thing I liked about this card was the stamina boost, the stamina boost to 90 makes him usable all game without needing to be subbed, his strength isn’t awful, can outmuscle fullbacks but yeah not the CBs.

OVERALL: I think this Son card is a brilliant card altogether and well worth what the SBC costs to do. My preference is to play Son at Striker so you can fully utilise his shooting, but he is well worth the coins if you can see past his average passing and the fact he isn’t immaculate on the ball in close areas.

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